WHERE DID the first great river valley civilizations develop?

Because archaelogical resuts relate to the number of archaeologists, the first great riverine civilizations discovered were those of the Nile (the ancient Egyptians) and of the Tigris -Euphrates system in Iran/Iraq (The Sumerians). In the 1920-30s Mortimer Wheeler then uncovered the big brick-built cities of the Indus Valley in India, but very little is known about them. Although there has been a lack of investigation and discussion, it seems obvious that there must also have been similar societies in Asia, especially on the great Chinese rivers.

These all date to the Neolithic period in origin. This was the time of the first farmers and herders. The ready availablity of water would have made growing crops a very simple affair. Plentiul crops provide a surplus to pay priests, artists and soldiers, so civilization could develop.