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I had the same problem with mine. It is your control panel for heat and A/C. Replace it and all will be okay. More likely it is the temperature control motor. A white plastic box about the size of a pack of cigarettes lying on its front. It can be seen by opening the glove box and looking straight forward of the heater control panel on the top of the big black heater/ac box under the dash. The motor adjusts the door automatically in response to the temp setting and demand for more hot or cold. It is very difficult to change without removing the top of the dash. Last time I checked, Ford wanted upwards of $200 for one. The motor can be checked by a technician by removing the control panel and powering the motor with a 9 volt battery directly to the motor control wires. If the motor moves both ways it is OK and the panel control might be the fault. If not the motor is toast. Hint, set your temp and forget it. Don't turn ac unit on and off. Any extra is just wearing out the motor.

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Q: WHY 92 town car only blows cold air out no matter where the temp lever is?
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ruud furnace only blows cold air, no heat

Why would your heat only work on defrost?

ihave a 1986 chevette that when i turn defrost on it blows out heat and when i put heater on it blows out only cold air? ihave a 1986 chevette that when i turn defrost on it blows out heat and when i put heater on it blows out only cold air?

Your heater in your jeep only blows cold air why is this?

The most common reason a automobile heater blows cold air is the water level is low. Check the water level and fill to the appropriate level.

Your ac only blows air not cold or hot what is the problem?

Try getting it recharged.

Why would a car only blow cold air when driving?

Only blows cold air with the a/c on while driving, your cooling fan or fan clutch is bad depending on the year, make and model.......... Only blows cold air with the heater on while driving, you will have a bad or broken internal a/c - heater control door.....

Why does my 1998 ford pickup blows only cold air when heater is on?

Because it's broken.

Silverado heater blows cold air only?

possibly thermostat stuck in the open position?

Why does your heater in my KIA sportage not work only blows cold air?

it has a dead raccoon stuck in it

Why does Ac blows cold when accelerating only?

Sounds like it is low on freon. Probably has a leak.

1999 ford 150.blows heat at start up then only blows cold except when going 55-60 mph then blows heat until slowing to 35-40 mph then cold again?

The heater blend door is vacuum actuated. You have a vacuum leak somewhere.

Why does my Ford Transit 1996 temperature gauge only go up a fraction no matter how long you drive it for and the heater only blows cold air any ideas please?

thermostat maybe stuk open fit a new one

What is the cause of a 98 Ford Windstar overheating but heater only blows cold air?

thermostat stuck

Why does 1997 Honda Civic air condition blows only air when idling but blows cold when accelerated?

There are a few possible reasonsÊthat an air would only blow cold when accelerating. The top two reasons are that the compressor fan might be malfunctioning or that the compression clutch isn't engaging.

Vauxhall corsa heater only blows cold air?

check the thermostat dude may need replacing

What do you need to do your 1999 Plymouth breeze only blows cold air?

check the coolant in the radiator it may be low.

What is wrong with your heater on your 2001 mercury grand marquis if it only blows cold air?

You are likely in an antarctic region.

I have a 94 ford explorer but just recently the heat stopped working and only blows out cold air. every once in a while it will turn on but only for a couple seconds. what could be the problemHELP?

The heater is blowing out cold air only

Why does the AC only blows cold while driving?

Well it should blow cold while driving and stopped. You probably need to get your AC recharged. Hope I helped!!

93 Lincoln Mark 8. No air blows through front dash vents only defrost and floor cold or hot. It doesn't matter. I have checked for vacuum leaks but there are none. What else could there be?

Check the blend door actuator.

Furnace only blow cold air?

If the furnace only blows cold air the pilot light may be out. It may also be a fuse that has blown. However, you may need to contact a licensed electrician to find the problem.

1995 cavalierhas no heat why?

I have changed heater core and did no good same problem as before it blows only cold air I do not understand it

1999 K-1500 Chevy heater blows cold air only all fuses are good?

checked antifreeze level???

When Heater is on it blows cold in your 99 Jeep Cherokee?

It is probably your thermostat. That will make cold air come in. It's probably stuck open. The part is only about $4.00 at Auto zone.

1989 Ford F150 and the heater isn't working It only blows cold air What could be the problem?

The thermostat may be stuck open.

What song did eminem diss Micheal j fox?

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