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Ware did the most deaths take place In World War 2?


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In China and the Soviet Union.

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military deaths=soviet russia civilian deaths=japan

russia had the most deaths in ww1

world war 2 has had the most deaths overall that is including soilders, Jews and average people

The Soviet Union (U.S.S.R.). By far. And the most civilian deaths by far.

the most casualties in a war was the American Civil War with 495,332 deaths and behind it is WW2 with 405,399 deaths.

The Soviet Union suffered the most overall deaths, with around 23.4 Million. china came in second with up to 20 Million. The Soviet Union experienced the most military deaths, while China had the most civilian deaths.

Besides the obvious injuries and deaths, most deaths were the result of infection, dysentery, diarrhoea, secondary infections, pneumonia, and TB.

World War 2 is often documented as the most deadly war with casualties at least at 50 million deaths, with at least 22 million military deaths.

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Witout question- Russia. It was estimated that civilian deaths exceeded 10 million.

Soviet Union suffered the most deaths in absolute terms followed by China

the USSR had a death toll of 21,300,000 during World War II. A little over half of the deaths were military.

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The Germans had the most soldiers killed in WWI. The total was 2,050,897 military deaths. Russia had the most overall deaths with 3,311,000 (civilians and military).

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The US Civil War (620,000 US deaths). World War II (417,000 US deaths)

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