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Warning light on the dash is flashing brake fluid low on my Chevy venture?


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2008-03-11 01:52:55
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This light is trying to tell you that your brake fluid may be low. Check your brake fluid and fill if it needs it.

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How do you change rear brake drum on a 2004 Chevy Venture?

i was wondering how to change rear brake drums for 1999 Chevy venture

If the brake lights do not work on Chevy Venture van 2000, try to disconnect the brake switch. Then short the two contacts of the connector to check if the brake lights are now working.

Well what do you know I solved the mystery mmyself it turns out after I paid to replace wheel cylinders and hoses and bleeding the brakes the cure was an $8.00 brake switch. Once I changed the switch the flashing brake light monster went away. So to anyone else who has a flashing brake light problem with your 89 Chevy S10 Blazer if you get a code 10 that is when the brake warning light flashes 10 times the fix is a new brake switch hope this helps someone.

When a brake line is leaking on the Chevy Venture the brake line should be replaced as soon as possible. A leak, however small, can cause hydraulic fluid to escape the brake line which will cause a loss in brake pressure. The brakes should be bled of air after the new line is put in to remove gaps in brake pedal pressure.

in the engine area directly in front of the steering wheel

Probably because the light is burned out. It is pretty easy to change.

Have vehicle scanned to determine problem

brake light flashing on 2002 jetta tdi

It is important to pay attention to the warning lights on the dashboard. When the ABS and brake lights flask that means there is something wrong with the brake system.

beside the brake booster on the firewall, under the AC lines (if equipped)

It means there is a problem with your brake system. Can be it is just low of brake fluid or can mean something more serious. Do not ignore this warning.

By repairing the problem. Low brake fluid, defective master cylinder, etc.

It is under the dash. I believe I remember it to be the two plug module above the parking brake.

Take it to a garage to be serviced by a qualified mechanic.

Check brake fluid level in master cylinder Make sure parking brake is fully released warning light comes on because there is a fault in the brake system. you need to go to a mechanic before the brakes fail

AnswerSwitch must be centred on combination valve near master cylinder to turn off brake warning lamp.

If you have led lights when the brake light warning switch is closed (foot on brake) because it has a predetermined voltage and the rig is change to led's there is a different voltage used, hence an error warning light. can get around it by adding the original lamp in series with the brake circuit out of the way somewhere say under the dash.

Same problem - bulbs are good but the driver side brake light will not operate. Also the horn stopped working at the same time.

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