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Often suggested, sometimes claimed, but no established historian buys into what is probably just an urban legend.

There have been rumours that Hitler was one-quarter Jewish and that his paternal grandmother, Maria Schicklgruber, had become pregnant while working as a servant in a the household of a Graz Jew called Franberger. During the 1920s, the implications of these rumours along with his known family history were politically explosive, especially for the proponent of a racist ideology. Opponents tried to prove that Hitler, the leader of the anti-Semitic Nazi Party, had Jewish or Czech ancestors. Although these rumours were never confirmed, for Hitler they were reason enough to conceal his origins.

AnswerNo. The Hitler family was Roman Catholic.

Hitler's grandfather was not Jewish. The standard version of the story focuses on Hitler's paternal grandfather. Hitler's father's mother is said to have worked as a maid for a Jew and there were rumours that Hitler's father was actually the employer's biological child. No evidence for this has ever been found.

Although there is no evidence that Hitler had a Jewish grandfather, supposedly his grandmother refused to reveal the identity of her child's father to her death. There was a suspicion that it was her Jewish employer, but there is no evidence of this, and Hitler certainly never spoke of it.

Hitler certainly hated Jews, as one can read in his book, 'Mein Kampf'. Most Austrian children were raised with a fear, mistrust and hatred of Jews, going back to medieval times, supported by the Catholic Church, that Hitler was born into. Hitler was filled with hatred towards many groups and people, and was a very angry man, as is obvious if you listen to his speeches.

To add to the answers

- I understand that Hitler made a point of destroying the building that would have held his father's birth certificate so the proof one way of the other was destroyed. (History Channel Documentary)


a. In the case of any illegitimate child whose mother refuses to name the father one would expect the entry in the Register of Births to be unrevealing and simply state 'Father: unknown'. In other words, it would have been uninformative in this respect.

b. It is true that the building(s) and the churchyard were destroyed in 1938 on Hitler's orders. He was presumably was nervous about some possible 'dark secret'. However, it's anyone's guess what it was. There has, for example, been speculation about a history of incest or insanity in his family. Perhaps, for that matter, the entry had been tampered with, for example, when his father changed his name in 1876 from from Schicklgruber to Hitler. The 'standard' story about a Jew named Frankenberger in Graz as the paternal grandfather has been discredited. However, it has allowed devotees of psychohistory a field day.

c. Presumably the records were open to public inspection between the time when Hitler first hit the headlines and the Anschluss in 1938. In other words, oponents had already had 14-15 years to look for spicy information. - Joncey).

Answer"There are rumors that the 19-year-old Jewish Boy, from the Jewish family Frankenberger, made Hitler's mother Klara Hitler pregnant. There is not enough information to prove whether or not he was really part Jewish, because when Adolf Hitler came to power, he destroyed all the Birth Certificates, Personal/Private Information, etc. of his family.

Therefore, this debate remains a mystery. Many say "No", many say "Yes". But no human being knows for sure... "

(even though 'Jewish' is specifically a religion it also refers to a collective groups of people and a culture). Click on the links below for more info:

AnswerIan Kershaw, "Hitler ...", Vol. 1, pp. 7-9 dismisses the story as nonsense. At the time when Hitler's grandmother worked as a servant in Graz for a family supposedly called Frankenberger (the 1830s) Jews were completely banned from living in Graz (and the whole province of Steiermark - Styria).

What's more, according to Kershaw, study of directories of Graz and the like for the 1830s and 1840s doesn't reveal any family called Frankenberger in Graz at all.

In other words, it's an urban legend.
No, he was a Roman Catholic.

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Q: Was Adolf Hitler half or quarter Jewish?
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Was Adolf Hitler half Jewish?

It is believed that Hitler's grandmother became pregnant after sex with Hitler's illegitimate father by a member of the Jewish family she was working as a servant for. This would make Adolph Hitler one quarter Jewish. Hitler later passed laws that German women were not allowed to work within Jewish homes.

Is Adolf Hitler half Jewish?

No, both his parents were Roman Catholic.

Was Adolf Hitler a half jew?

No. Adolf Hitler was not a Jew, not a partial Jew, nor did he have any Jewish heritage. There are rumors to the effect that he may have had Jewish ancestors, but no serious scholar has ever acknowledged the veracity of those claims.

What were the names of Adolf Hitler's sisters?

Paula Hitler (sister), Angela Hitler Raubal (half-sister)

Who was Adolf Hitler half brother?

Hitler did not have a half-brother, he had 3 brothers and one step-brother, called Alois.

What were Adolf Hitler's two main reasons for persecuting other people?

he thought that having people of the same race was better also because he didn't like the jewish religion although he was half jewish

Why did Hitler hate Jewish people he was half Jewish too?

Hitler was not half-Jewish, but he hated Jews mainly because he blamed them for Germany's problems and he viewed them as being sub-human.

What were the names of Adolf Hitler's brothers?

Otto Hitler, Gustav Hitler Edmund Hitler and Alois Hitler (his half-brother from his father's previous marriage).

Are there Hitler's nephew's grandson in Israel and a Jewish?

No, the only remaining 3 male relatives of Adolf Hitler are all childless. They are grandsons of Hitler's half-brother Alois and therefore the Nazi dictator's great-nephews. They live in relative obscurity in the New York state area.

How many brothers and sisters did Adolf Hitler have?

Yes, Hitler had 5 siblings and some half siblings.

What was Adolf Hitler's height?

Five feet, eight and a half inches.

Does Adolf Hitler have a brother?

He had a half brother from his dads previous marrige.

Why did Hitler hate Jews if he was half Jewish?

He was not half-Jewish. This is one of those myths that refuses to die. There is no credible evidence that Hitler was (pick one) half Jewish, raised by Jews, or had a Jewish father. On the other hand, there is a lot of evidence that Hitler was a bigoted man who unfairly blamed Jews for Germany's problems, and it had nothing whatsoever to do with any alleged family connections.

How much did Adolf Hitler height?

Five feet, eight and a half inches.

Was Adolf Adolph Hitler Italian?

Yes he is half italien half czechslavakian. He moved to Germay when was 5 with his dad.

Did Adolf Hitler have any brothers or sisters?

Adolf Hitler was the fourth of six children of Alois and Klara Hitler. They are as follows:- Gustav Hitler- Ida Hitler- Otto Hitler- Adolf Hitler- Edmund Hitler- Paula HitlerHe has two half-siblings from his father's second marriage to his second wife:- Alois Hitler, Jr.- Angela Hitler

Did Hitler have blue eyes and blond hair?

No. Hitler has black hair, I don't know what about eyes. Hitler was half Austrian half Jewish. And Adolf believed that perfect man is white man with blue eyes and blond hair. He hated Polish People :( , Jewish, Gypsies, Black-race People(I don't know how to tell it in English to not insult black people - really sorry for my English :|) and in generally Hitler wanted to make slaves from for example Slavonic People. :(.

How did Angela Hitler die?

Angela Hitler, Adolf's older half-sister, died of a stroke on 30 October 1949 at age 66.

Are there any known descendants of Adolf Hitler still living?

No, Hitler never had any offspring. Paula Hitler, the last living member of Adolf Hitler's immediate family, died in 1960. The most prominent and longest-living closest relative was Adolf Hitler's nephew, William Patrick Hitler, the son of Adolf's half-brother, Alois Hitler Jr. Over the years, various investigative reporters have attempted to track down other living relatives of Hitler. Many are presumed to be living inconspicuous lives and have changed their last name.

What was the exact time that Adolf Hitler died?

Just before half-past three in the afternoon.

What is the document signed by adolf hitler that split poland in half?

The Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact of 1939.

Was Hitlers mum Jewish?

Hitlers mum was jewish and hitler was half jewish.

Adolf Hitler brother's name?

Alois, Gustov, Otto, and Edmund were all brothers of Adolf Hitler. Yet Alois was only Hitler's half brother being born from Franziska Matzelberger, while Gustov, Otto and Edmund were bore from Klara Pölzl. Hope this helps!

Did Adolf Hitler have surviving siblings after world war 2?

Adolf Hitler had two surviving siblings: his half-brother Alos Hitler & His sister Paula Wolfe. As a side note to this question, Hitler had two nephews. One was captured at the Eastern Front & executed; the other eventually immigrated to the United States.

What happened to the Jews and Hitler in World War 2?

Hitler ended up sending the Jews to camp of death. Although Hitler was half Jewish from his mother.Hitler ended up sending the Jews to camp of death. Although Hitler was half Jewish from his mother.