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Was GW Bush a good President of the US?

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Since there are no metrics to objectively measure the outcomes and ramifications of a Presidential term, until perhaps years have gone by, this can only be answered with opinion, the following various answers are offered as representative opinions:

No he has messed up the whole country.


He is not that good, but not as bad as most people say he is. Like, how was he supposed to stop a hurricane?


Based upon Economics opinion would be NO. The national debt increased during his administration BY THE TRILLIONS OF DOLLARS to higher than the national debt increases of all the prior US presidents in history COMBINED.


Yes. Without him, the Terrorists would be winning, the National Debt would be higher, abortion would be more freely, and Palestine would be Muslim.


No he is the worst President the U.S. has ever seen. For one who says the terrorists aren't winning. also the National Debt is the highest it has ever been (FYI, the National Debt is because of Congress which is run by Democrats). Can't you see this is just what they wanted. Because of this unwinnable war, more people are dieing (and we've lost five thousand in the war-- and we've aborted 40 million babies) and the national debt goes sky high. The stock is the lowest it has been in years and who is to blame? BUSH!!!


Actually I would like to say that the Bush tax cuts helped improve the economy, Obama's plan will do the opposite, yet he always refers to the failed economic policies of G Bush. He isn't the best president, but he isn't the worst. At least he has enough decency and morals to not get blown in the Oval Office and at least he is fighting the terrorists that attacked us and killed Americans. I'm glad. I've been in Iraq and I knwo whats really going on over there. All the Media and Liberals are wrong about whats going on over there. You never hear about the schools and hospitals we are building, and the military and law enforcement we're training, and the children who are having their first chocolate bar, and the children who are being vaccinated against Polio, Measles, and every other thing we can think of and afford. Like I said, he isn't the best president we've ever had, but I feel safer with him in office than I will if Obama gets in. Think about it and then ask yourself, should we be over there. (And yes I'm talking mainly about the war, becauses its one of the most important issues) Having seen the look on children's faces when they do eat their first candy is the most satisfying experience ever. I've even adopted 2 orphans from over there because me and my wife can't have children.


Yes, he is. I'm sure he did a better job protecting us then Obama will, especially considering Obama wants to "meet with our enemies"? what is his problem. He did do a good job as a president.


I believe that Bush was a horrible president.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And im totally proud of the guy that threw a shoe at him.!!!!!!


NO!! He definetly was the worst president this country ever had! Of course he can't stop a hurricane but he could've gotten there alot quicker! It didn't take him 5 days to help the tsunami people! And also he is the reason for 9/11! He wanted to be an idiot and blow the towers up for money! Everyone is so worried about Obama cause of his skin when they need to look at Bush and realized how messed up he made this country! Don't hate Obama cause of his's about time we have some change in this country..good change..and i think Obama will do great!!


GO OBAMA!!!!!!!

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Who is the best president of the US ever?

Obama and the worst is Reagan and GW Bush

What is the 44 president?

On Tuesday it will be Barrack Hussein Obama It means that he will be the 44 th US president in history replacing GW Bush who was the 43 rd.

Was George W. Bush the 42nd US president?

No. George W. Bush is considered the 43rd president. Bill Clinton was the 42nd. However, it is correct that GW Bush was the 42nd person to serve as US President. This is because one President, Grover Cleveland, served two terms non-consecutively, and is referred to as both the 22nd US President and the 24th US President, with Benjamin Harrison as the 23rd.

How many president has the US had?

42. However, Grover Cleveland's non-consecutiove terms make him both the 22nd and 24th President, so President GW Bush is numbered as the 43rd rather than 42nd.

Who was the only US President to have sworn in a future president?

President George bush President George bush President George bush

Do you think George W. Bush was a good president?

I personally do not think that George W. Bush was a good President, He got us into an ugly war that has had rippling effects for years.

Who is the US President who hated broccoli?

President George H.W. Bush (the senior Bush).

What is Bush 43?

bush 43 is the current president george w bush. they call the first president bush, busg 41, this is because he was the 41st president of the us, and george w, is the 43rd president of the us ken orr iowa

Was George W. Bush a good or bad president?

He was a bad president!Got us into 2 wars, and a recession.

How can a question be asked for this answer eg W Bush is the 44th president of the US?

"Is George W Bush the 44th president of the US?" or "Who is the 44th president of the US?" or "What number president was George W Bush?" And, GW is the 43rd President of the US. BObama is the 44th. ______________________ Actually, Obama is only the 43rd person to become President of the United States. "But everybody says that George Bush was 43rd!", I hear you say. No! Bush fils was only 42, and we need to subtract one from every president's number all the way back to #24. How so? Grover Cleveland was elected in 1884 as the 22nd president, and in 1888 was defeated for re-election by Benjamin Harrison, #23 . However, Cleveland beat Harrison in 1892 and is thus counted as #22 AND as #24. So, deducting one from the numbering for the re-run of Cleveland, Obama is the 43rd different person to become President.

How much is a 2005 D Buffalo Nickel with President Bush on it?

President Bush is not on a US coin.

Who is the 43d president of US?


Who was the us president and us vice president in 1992?

George w Bush and

What was the age of George W. Bush when he became the president of the US?

George W. Bush was 55 when sworn into office as President of the US. By comparison, his dad, George H.W. Bush, was 65 when sworn into the office as President of the US.

Is the 41st US President George H W Bush dead?

George H. W. Bush, the 41st US President is alive.

43-President of the US?

The 43rd President of the US was George W. Bush.

Who is the president of America US?

At the moment, 2008, the US president is George W. Bush. The president elect is Barack H. Obama, he will formally take over from president Bush early in 2009.

Who was US President when the Berlin Wall fell?

President George H. W. Bush or George Bush sr.

Who was president of the US the year of 2008?

George W. Bush was the president all of 2008.

Who is the last president of US?

BUSH no barack obama! 44th president!

What US President has the least books written about him?

President Bush Senior

Who were the US President and US Vice President in 2002?

George W. Bush and Dick Cheney.

Last name of the previous US President?

The last name of the previous US president was "Bush". His name is George Walker Bush and he served from 2001-2009.

What plant is named by or after a president?

President W. Bush! A bush is a plant, I learned this in a Riddle our teacher gave us in class!!!

What did president bush mean when he said the US wanted all Koreans to live in the light?

president bush ment that he wan