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Was Hitler a good leader?

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Hitler was a great leader because of he lead his people out of depression and, even made Germany and other countries around it thrive such as: Italy, Austria, and Poland. I only gave you som of the countries not all f them if you want to look at the countries look up countries the Nazis took over. He lead Nazi Germany to many Victories and saved many religious artifacts, he also pushed for new techonlogy "really creepy things". So I would say he was a really good leader and one of the best.

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How Was Hitler A Good Leader?

ok Hitler was a good leader he wasent the most liked leader bt he was good. he lead his contry into many won battels.

Was Hitler a good or bad leader?


What subjects was Hitler good at?

Hitlers at Art he was a very good artist but unfortuneatly he became a German leader boo you Hitler

Is Adolf Hitler a good or a bad military leader?


Is Hitler a good leader?

No he killed 6 million Jews. Hitler was no leader. he was a murderer ruthless. evil, Satan incarnate, Germans hate him more than UK. best thing Hitler ever did was Die,

What made Adolf Hitler a good leader?

Although Adolf Hitler is not known for doing the greatest things he was still a very good leader for what he accomplished. I'm not saying killing all those Jews was a good thing, but that he had the power and knowledge to do that

Why was Hitler accepted as a leader?

he was a great speech man, means he was good with words

Who are leaders and will it be good to have only leaders in an organization?

Hitler was the German leader, Winston was the UK leader, Roosevelt was the USA leader, Mussolini was the Italian leader, Tojo was the japan leader

Why was Hitler a good leader?

Hitler was a good leader because he had great confidence in his speeches and had pride in the decisions he was making. Even though he wasn't the most nicest man he still loved his people and wanted them to win the war.

When did Hitler become the leader of the Nazi?

Hitler became the leader of the Nazis in 1921.

What was Adolph Hitler leader of?

Hitler ruled as leader of the Nazi Party of Germany.

Was Hitler a Jew or a Nazi?

He was the leader (boss) of the Nazis.Hitler was the Leader of the Nazis.

Was Hitler the Nazi party's leader?

Adolf Hitler was the leader of the Nazi-Party.

Why was it important for Hitler to be a good speaker?

I think it was important for Hitler to be a good speaker because, if he wasn't he wouldn't of become leader of Germany and people wouldn't of listen to him.

Does Hitler have any famous quotes?

hitler was a horable man he killed jews and their familys, blacks, homosexuals, he even killed his self with a pill and a gun that is not a good leader that is a bad leader.

What did Hitler do before he was the leader?

Hitler was a member of the Nazi and then worked his way to leader party and then to Chancellor of Germany (leader).

What was Hitler known as?


How old was Adolf Hitler when he became leader of Russia?

Hitler was never the leader of Russia.

What is Adolf Hitler leader of?

Adolf Hitler was the leader of the German Nazi Political Party and the German Leader from 1934 to 1945.

Who was the leader of Germany during World War 2?

The leader of Germany during World War II was Adolf Hitler (April 20, 1889-April 30, 1945).Aldof HitlerAdolph Hitler.Adolf Hitler.Adolf Hitler, the leader of the Nazi Party.Adolf HitlerAdolf HittlerAdolf Hitler was the leader of Germany in World War II.Adolf Hitler.Adolf Schicklgruber (Adolf Hitler) he was the leader of Nazi Germany during the war

What did Hitler do good during the war?

He took command of the army - which meant that the army had a useless leader, this was good for the allies.

What counrty was Hitler a leader from?

He was the leader of Germany.

Why was Hitler chosen to be Germany's Leader?

Hitler was elected to be Germany's chancellor because the Germans belived that he could help the country get out of the depression. They also believed he would be a good leader. That is why he was made chancellor of Germany.

Why did Germans accept Hitler as their leader?

Because he was a good speaker and a strong willed politician - i think..............

When did Hitler become leader?

Hitler became leader of the Nazi Party in 1921. He was appointed chancellor in 1933.

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