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Was Hungary allied with the Nazis?

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The Axis Powers were those nations opposed to the Allies during the Second World War. The three major Axis Powers, Nazi Germany, Fascist Italy, and Imperial Japan, referred to themselves as the "Rome-Berlin-Tokyo Axis" and were part of an alliance. At their zenith, the Axis Powers ruled empires that dominated large parts of Europe, Asia, Africa and the Pacific Ocean, but the Second World War ended with their total defeat. Like the Allies, membership of the Axis was fluid, and some nations entered and later left the Axis during the course of the war. Axis Powers: Germany, Italy, Japan, Bulgaria, Finland, Romania, Hungary, Burma, Slovakia, Croatia. Burma wasn't an independent country at the time and was not able to determine its foreign policy. It a part of the British Empire. When Burma was invaded by the Japanese many Burmese (unlike some of the other peoples of Burma, now called Myanmar) collaborated with Japan, but the country wasn't a member of the Axis.

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What countries were allied with the nazis in world war 2?

The countries that were allied with the Nazis in World War 2 were Japan and Italy, but Italy fought against the Nazis with the Allies towards the end of the war.

Which Allied country was occupied by the Nazis?


Why did Italy surrender to the Allies?

The Italians never wanted to be allied with German Nazis. It was their leader, Mussolini, who wanted to ally himself with the Nazis. The Italians did not want to fight with the Nazis but they knew they would be killed by the Nazis if they did not fight for them. When the Americans, Brits and others arrived the Italians surrendered and let the Allied leaders know the Italians were on the Allied Forces side. The Italian populace was able to take down Mussolini and defeat the Nazis with the help of the Allied Forces.

What was a result of the Allied attack on Sicily?

The Allied Forces repelled the Nazis from Sicily. The townspeople gave them a big hurray. The bad part was that the Nazis got away to the main land of Italy and this forced the Allied Forces to fight those particular Nazis again. Had the Allied Forces been paying attention to the Nazis they would have tried to prevent the Nazis from escaping. Instead the Brits and the Americans were playing "I am going to beat you to the other end of the island and get those Nazis on my way there." General Patton and Field Marshal Montgomery were reprimanded for their childish behavior and allowing the Nazis to escape or rather withdraw.

Who was allied with whom in World War 1?

Germany allied with austria-hungary. 1879

What did the allied powers have in common?

they all wanted to kill Nazis

What percentage of all Jews in lands controlled by allied to or conquered were killed by the Nazis in World War 2?

No Jews were handed over to the Nazis from territory under actual Allied control.

Was Hungary a axis or allied power in World War 2?

Hungary was an Axis power.

Was Hungary allied with Germany in World War 2?

Yes. Hungary was a German ally.

Who was allied with Germany in ww1?

Austria-Hungary & Turkey

Who was allied with Ottoman Empire?

Germany and Austria-Hungary.

Why was Austria Hungary allied with Bulgaria?

Because they liked them....... :)

Who was allied with austria-Hungary in world war i?


The Nazis were furious when Italy surrendered and they?

they coutinued to battle the allied forces in Italy

Did Americans fight for the Nazis?

No, they were part of the Allied Forces that fought the Nazi's group.

The Nazis were furious when Italy surrendered?

continued to battle the allied forces in Italy

In World War 2 was Poland on he axis or allied power?

Allied. The Nazis wanted Poland because it was a weak link in their power conquest.

Who was allied by Austria-hungry in World War 1?

Austria-Hungary was allied with Germany, Bulgaria and the Ottoman Empire.

What was the name of the side that opposed the Nazis?

In the case of those independent nations that opposed the Nazis, they were called the Allied Powers. Those persons from Occupied Countries that opposed the Nazis called themselves the Resistance.

Which countries where allied by the triple alliance?

Germany, Austria-Hungary, and Italy

Who was allied with Austria -Hungary in World War 1?


Who was allied with austria hungary during world war 1?


What countries did the allied forces fight against?

Austria/hungary and japan

Why did D day happened?

Allied Forces needed to be able to liberate Europe from the Nazis.

The allied invasion of France to free western Europe from the Nazis was known as what?