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Who was allied with whom in World War 1?

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Germany allied with Austria-Hungary. 1879

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Yes. The Allied Forces were from World War 1. The Allied Powers were from World War 2.

Egypt was allied with the British in both wars.

The energy-producing cops supported the World War 1 allied troops.

World War 1 1914-1918 ((Allied Victory)) World War 2 1939-1945 ((Allied Victory))

France and Great Britain allied with Serbian during World War 1. Serbia was the first country to be attacked in World War 1.

They did not. Axis and Allied powers were only in World War 2

An allied power during that war.

yes Turkey and Germans were allied

allied powers during world war 1 were france, japan, usa, uk,italy

The three allied powers in World War 1 were Russia, Britain and France. They were referred to as the Triple Alliance.

In world war 1 allied victory.and crores of lifes were lost.simply it was needless.

Italy was part of the Allied Forces in World War 1.

The Allied Powers won both world wars. (Allied Powers: Britain, America, Etc...)

Italy joined the Allied powers when they saw that the war was going in the favor of the Allied powers.

they were allied with mussolini

In WWI, it was Central Powers, and Allied Forces. In WWII, it was the Nazis and Allied Forces

The Allied powers were called " Triple Entente " before the war started.

Serbia was on the Allied side, Britain France, Russia and their allies.

french general, commander in chief of the allied armies during world war 1?

Japan was not allied with Germany in World War 1. That was world war 2.

World War I was won by Allied!World War I was not won by a single country; rather, it was won by The Allied forces which comprised of France, UK, Russia, USA and Japan.

the allied powers lost.

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