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Was Italy invovled in World War 1?

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When WW1 began Italy was nominally (that is, on paper) a member of the Triple Alliance. However, the Italian government kept Italy neutral till 1915, then entered the war on the side of the Entente as Italy had long-standing claims on some territory in Austria-Hungary. Italy didn't fight very effectively and needed a lot of support from Britain and France. At the end of the war Italy was awarded the Southern Tyrol and some 'bits and pieces' on the Adriatic Coast. There was disappointment and the emerging Fascists seized Trieste. Many Italians felt as if Italy was being treated as a defeated country. It's sometimes said that this, together with fear of Bolshevism, played a key part in enabling Mussolini to come to power in 1922.

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United States, Russia, Japan, Italy, France, Greece, Great Britain, and those were just the headliners.

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Italy was part of the Allied Forces in World War 1.

What part did Italy play in World War I and World War 2?

Italy was part of the axis forces in World War 2. In World War 1 Italy and it's colonies were part of the Allies forces.

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At the beginning of the war the US did... absolutely nothing, refusing to get invovled in Europe's affairs.

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Italy became involved in World War One on the 26th of April in 1915because it wanted to not get involved in the first world war. Italy wanted to be neutral.

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World War 1: At first, Italy was in alliance with Germany and Austria- Hungary, but then later on, when war has developed it became neutral. World War 2: Italy was with Germany, both of these countries were nazi countries.

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Italy was part of the alliance! Ulike the French, Italy actually had a helping hand in the war.

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Italy pulled out of world war 1 because she had achieved her objective - gaining the territories promised to her in her arrangement with the Allies. Since before the war started, Italy was interested in the Austrian Littoral and a portion of Dalmatia.

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