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Was Martin Luther King Jr jnr the same as Martin Luther King Jr?


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When people talk about Martin Luther King, they nearly always mean Martin Luther King Jr.

Martin Luther King Sr. (nicknamed "Daddy King") was his father.

Martin Luther King III was one of King Jr.'s sons.


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Martin Luther King Jnr died in 1968 his father didn't die until 1984 he outlived both his sons

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. studied Systematic theology at Boston University. He received his PHD degree from Boston University in 1955.

a world where people were judged for what they did, not for what they looked like.

Dr Martin Luther King Jnr and then Jimmy Carter.

Martin Luther King (Jnr), originally Micheal Luther King (Jnr), didn't believe in violence and took it upon himself to end segregation in the USA. He succeeded. He believed that Violence, when used, only increased the violence. A quote from his speech shows this remarkably well; 'Violence only begets violence... Hate cannot end hate, only love can do that'

In America the third monday in January mlk jnr day of service what happens?

Rosa parks, Martin Luther King jnr, Malcom X and Stokely Carmichael.

Martin Luther King Jnr mother was Alberta Christine Williams, before she married Martin Lurher King Snr. She was born on September 13, 1904, the only daughter of Reverend Adam Daniel Williams, who was then the head of the Ebenezer Baptist Church in Atlanta, Georgia, and Jenny Celeste Parks.

Interesting Point: Firstly, in a realistic sense, they were not connected at all, King never said he had any influence from Luther. However you can see similarities- King was fighting against what he saw as wrong, and arguably wanted a social, racial reformation whilst Luther wanted a social religious reformation. About 500 years apart though.

Martin Luther King Jnr was a Hero in the true meaning of the word Hero simply because he was a person of note. He was a Hero in the sense that we understand heroes because of his bravery. He was a black man in the USA that led others to fight the concept that not being white did not mean that you were les then human. He showed Afro Americans and other minorities that they had the same rights to education and fair treatment as did white Americans. He did this by speaking to the nation and by using the power of the boycott. That is if a company does not treat you as an equal then you don't deal with that company. Promoting that sort of thinking is dangerous to the establishment, and being an intelligent man Martin Luther King Jnr Knew it. He worked in an atmosphere of constant death threats in a community that had a record for watching lynchings and murder and doing very little about it if those that were lynched were not white. Martin Luther King Jnr was instrumental in changing this for the better and for this he is a Hero.

Martin Luther King Jnr was the winner of the 1964 Nobel Peace Prize. At the time of winning it, he was the youngest person to be awarded the honour.

There were a number of African American Civil Rights Movement that were meant to fight for the freedom of the African Americans. One of the leaders of the movement was Martin Luther King Jnr.

1. Martin Luther King Jnr wrote the famous "i have a dream" speach, also many inspiring quotes. Google the rest it's all i got c:

This question requires an opinion. His critics will point out to his faults while his support will point out to the attainment of Martin Luther Jnr. dream.

I am totally sure it is GREEN because he liked it and he was a wonderful man and he is my DAD!

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