Was World War 2 a continuation of World War 1?

yes and no.

WWII came because of WWI. If first wouldn't happen, Germanny wouldn't have lead by Nazis. But Soviet Union would have anyway come, maybe little later than it happen.

Although the two were separate conflicts, the mistakes made by the treaty of Versailles are what is thought to have angered Hitler and caused the second world war. The treaty stated that amongst other things, Germany was allowed an army of just 100,000 men, and that the tradition of National service was to be discontinued. Also, the Germans were not allowed a Navy. Britain and France also banned German troops form entering the Rhineland, and gave the Sudetenland back to the checks, and the Saarland back to the French. Although other things were put into practice, such as a large chunk of the German Empire was taken and shared between Britain and France; the aforementioned points were the main causes of Hitlers aggression. He wanted all of these things to be granted back to Germany, the majority were, in what Neville Chamberlain called 'appeasement' meaning, give them what they want and hope they're happy. But Hitler gained confidence with every stage of appeasement, and soon realized that he could just about get away with anything, such as reclaiming the Sudetenland, and then having the audacity to ask for more! And more he got. We gave Hitler what he wanted, and he kept on asking for more. Eventually Britain made a stand and said no when he asked for Poland. We said that if Hitler were to invade Poland, then we would come to their aid and declare war. Thus, when Poland was invaded, war broke out between Britain and her allies, and Germany and her allies.

Not directly. A lot of the same countries were involved but the reasons were different. WWII was mainly fought in Europe for anti-semitism reasons as well as the expansion of Germany for the Master Race under Hitler. WWII was fought in Asia due to the interference of western countries on japan during the War and in an effort to save the country from economic struggle at the time. IE> Oil trade routes were being monitored and controlled by western countries.

Because Hitler (as well as many other Germans) felt very embarrassed because such a great nation such as Germany, the old Prussia, could lose a war and pay so immensely because of it.

Hitler was angered by the war punishments (reparation, demilitarisation ect) and wanted to kill the French for insisting on such an intense punishment on the Germans (as Germany invaded France and destroyed Normandy due to war) He also wanted to rid the world of communism, socialism, slavs, Jews, culture and democracy.

Then when Britain and France declared war on Germany, they were too weak to fight the Germans as;

-> The French failed to study German war tactics that was actually published in a book

-> The British were too scared and their infantry isn't great

-> Russians were in a Nazi-soviet pact

-> USA didn't want to get involved in Eurpean affair's

... in a nut shell, that's how they link!
Many people say that it was.