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yes, this derived from the French that was 'Tête de boche' . Boche was taken to mean 'hard headed' and 'rascal' and was used by the French to describe the German soldiers. (OED). The word 'boche' seems to come from the German word 'Bock' which means 'billy-goat' or 'buck'. Colloquially it can imply stubbornness (PONS German Dictionary). I bet you didn't want to know all that

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Q: Was a nickname for the Germans in World War 1 'the Bosch'?
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What was the nickname for the Germans in world war 1?

Germans wer often called "Huns" by their enemies in World War I

What did we call the Germans in the First World War?

In World War I the British called the Germans Jerry/Jerries although it was more commonly used in world war II.

What was the nickname for the German in World War 1?

Germans wer often called "Huns" by their enemies in World War I

Name of World War I German Soldiers?

German soldiers during World War I were called "Huns" by the American soldiers. The Germans called their soldiers "The Bosch" during World War I.

What was the nickname for the Germans Italians and Japanese in World War 2?

Axis powers

Is 'Gerries' a nickname for Germans?

No, "Gerries" is not a common or widely recognized nickname for Germans. Some common nicknames for Germans include "Krauts" or "Huns."

What nickname did US soldiers give to the Germans?

US soldiers referred to Germans as "Krauts" during World War II.

Was Kraut a nickname for Germans in World War 1?

Yes, one of many slang nicknames used.

What was the nickname given to German soldiers in World War 1?

Krouts, because Germans often like Sour Krout

What was the name the french gave the Germans during World War 2 Sounds like bosh Is it slang For what?

it meant enemy I think it was spelled "bosch". Pronounced like 'bosh'.

What was the nickname of the warfare used by the Germans during world war 2?

Blitzkrieg. In German it means "Lightening War," and refers to a swift military offensive using ground and air forces.

What did Germans start?

Germans started World War I in 1914 and World War II in 1939. Additionally, Germans initiated the Holocaust during World War II which led to the systematic genocide of six million Jews.