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If you want to tell someone how you feel it's best to do it face-to-face if possible. I wouldn't say you made a mistake, but it's tough to know how the other person is going to react when you tell them this sort of thing. Perhaps they aren't ready for a commitment, or they simply want to remain friends. All you can do is wait to see if he emails you. It could be as simple as you caught him off guard and he may not know what to say back. He's probably thinking about it. If you don't hear from him in 3 - 4 days, then email him and just say, "hey, what's up? Everything OK?" He should answer, but if he doesn't then he's probably not ready to commit. Be careful by email or internet if you don't know the person you are talking too, especially women talking to men. The police are ready to tear their hair out trying to protect women from this sort of thing, and the women don't seem to be listening. There are deviates out there, all sorts of bad people, so you just never know who you are talking too. Cyber stalking has taken 80% of physically stalking someone and it's far worse for the person. Be careful what information you give anyone when you first meet on a board, or on MSN, and trade-off emails. Marcy

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Q: Was it a good idea to tell a guy that you liked him via email if he still has not responded?
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