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Was there a Silver Star awarded to a soldier from the 297th Combat Engineers in World War 2?


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Yes, several soldiers including my father. His discharge papers indicate a Silver Star, Bronze Star and Purple Heart with an Oak leaf. He like many in 297th Combat Engineers landed on D-Day at Utah Beach received an arrowhead and 5 battle stars for the European campaign. They were truly an unhearalded and heroic group of men. If you go to the American Battlefield cemetery site and put in 297 you will find many of these men are buried still on consecrated gound in Europe. Several of these men received the Silver Star in addition to the Purple Heart for their ultimate sacrifice.

297th Engineer (C) Battalion Unit History lists Silver Star Commendations awarded to:

Lt. Robert E. Bevis; Pfc. William Monroe; Tec. 5 Vic Grib of B-Company for gallantry in action in the railroad yards in Cherbourg to save the body of Eddy Krawczyk.

Also; Sgt. Gilbert L. Myers, C-Company attached to the 4th Cavalry Group