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Was there a good side to King John?

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  • fed paupers
  • supported lepers
  • protected jews
  • was actually in his country
  • knew about his country
  • much more
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Q: Was there a good side to King John?
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Was king john a good solider?

Yes king john was good soldier.

Who was the worst king King John or king Henry?

my friend it is king henry because king john is a good king in them days

What did King John do that was good?

king john had 2 sons for heres and kept clean

Was King John a good soldier?

he was a bad soldier because he was a bad leader and showed the path of the other people the wrong side .

Why was King John a good king?

ANSWERKing john was a good king because he signed the first charter of rights and freedoms (Magna Carta) in 1215 in England. Before he punished people for his own reasonsANSWERKing John was not a good king. He only signed the Magna Carta because he had to, and when he got the chance, he disobeyed the agreements in it.

Evidence that King John was successful?

In many books in recent years, the info and discussions show that king john was a good leader in war, good at improvisation, good at thinking and good strategic. The monkish chronicles in 1206 state that he was a very bad but this information was biased as the monks didn't like him as he was mean to the pope and increased taxes. The portrayal of king John in robin hood shows his bad side which may or may not be true.

Overall was king john a good king or bad king?

he was a bad king but not a bad person

Why did King John feed a 1000 paupers?

beacause he is a good king

Was King John a good leader?


What good qualities has King John have?


Was john a good king or a bad king?

king john was a bad king because if a man liked his wife he srangled them on his wifes bed.king john hated priests,ones a robber beat up,mugged and killed a priest when he was taken to the court he sayed " let him go he has helped me" he also gave him money!.some people say that he was a good king because he helped children and saved peoples you think that king john was a good king or a bad king

How was king jhon good?

King John was a good king because he won every single war throughout out wales,, Ireland and Scotland.

What good things did King John do for Scotland?


Was King John good or bad?

Although people think king john was bad he actually wasn't. He got in a fight with a church and got excommunicated because of this Roger of wendover and Matthew Paris wrote untrue things about king john.that is a VERY BIAS ACCOUNT I think king John was a good king in some ways although he murdered his nephew! King John was clever and he made a good new money system for england!

What good things did king john do?

Some good things King John did for England were fart and get drunk

Was King John a good or bad king?

There's no consensus on whether King John was a good king. Many consider him to have been a bad ruler, but others think he was effective. Regardless of the presence of dissenting opinions, he tends to be portrayed negatively in the media.

Who is the Portuguese King that renamed the southern tip of Africa the Cape of Good Hope?

João II (John II) of Portugal renamed the southern tip of Africa the Cape of Good Hope. King John not just john

What did King John do good?

he played with his own poop REALLY!!!!!!!!!

What are the positive facts about King John?

nothing is good about him x

How good with money was King John?

no, simple as, all he did was lose it.

Did King John have a good relationship with the nobles?

ov corse : )

Did King John do anything good?

I think most people would say that when King John signed the Magna Carta, he did something good. He may not have wanted to sign it, but he did sign it, and that is what the question is about.

How do you return to the good side in adventure quest worlds?

To return to the good side you must buy the contract from the king which is 100,000 gold.

Why many of lord and barons don't like King John?

because he was against them and not on their side

Which country was King John held captive?

In which country?Bad king John of England was held captive in England of course. John the Good was probably held captive in England or France.