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Was there a native American tribe that if a set of twins were born they would kill one of them?

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Yes they would chop of its ear and what for it to die while eating a bear

2007-10-16 18:43:45
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Q: Was there a native American tribe that if a set of twins were born they would kill one of them?
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How do you say daughter or granddaughter in Native American?

There is no such thing as a Native American language. Each tribe and sometimes each clan had its own language. You would have to be more specific as to tribe.

What is the Native American word for big mountain?

That would vary depending on the language of the specific Native American tribe. It is estimated that there may be as many as 10000 different Native American languages.

Where do you find yuki tribe pictures of shelter?

You can find pictures of Yuki tribe shelters at the library. There are many books about Native Americans. You would also be able to find pictures of Native American shelters at Native American museums.

What is the native American translation for the word loyal?

It would depend on the tribe as there are several different languages that the Native Americans had/have.

What are facts about the Inuit native tribe?

The Inuit were a Native American tribe in the areas of Alaska, Canada, Siberia, and Greenland. They were primarily hunters and would sometimes gather in large groups to hunt whales.

What native American tribe from New Mexico lived in tipis?

Plains tribes lived in Tipis. Utes would be a southern plains tribe from New Mexico.

How do you say wolf in native American?

There are actually over a thousand different native American languages, you would have to be more specific on which native American language you want to learn. An example of one is Mohawk, a tribe in the Iroquois nation. The word for wolf in Mohawk is "okwaho."

What facts about the choctaw tribe?

They would flatten their babies' heads before they could walk They were one of the largest Native American Tribe in North America Hope this helped(:

If a half Native American man has children with a half Native American woman what ratio of Native American blood do the children have?

well the child[ren] would be half native American. but if the parents were different tribes of native american, the child would still be half native American but could be defined as 1/4 fathers tribe and 1/4 mothers 1/2 other ethnicity + 1/2 Native AmericanWoman= 1/2 other ethnicity + 1/2 Native Americanchild takes half of each genetic informationchild = 1/4 man's other ethnicity + 1/4 woman's other ethnicity= 1/4 man's Native American + 1/4 woman's Native American1/4 + 1/4 = 1/2child = 1/2 other ethnicity & 1/2 Native American

What did the Chinook native American tribe use for shelter?

i would never be able to tell u bout it in a life time

What Native American tribe traced their descents through mothers?

You would have to be more specific. There are hundreds of tribes who wer matrilineal.

How do you say never in native American?

You would need to specify a specific tribe. They don't all speak the same language.

What was the native American community like?

tribes would raid their neighbors and take other native Americans as slaves.this was common among all tribes.also native American women know as squaws were traded among the male members of a tribe.

Which of the following is a native American tribe of north American?

First: There was nothing following. Second: Listing all 4,000+ tribes here would be kind of silly.

What Native American tribe inhabited New Hampshire?

They were very Close to the Algonquian tribe. Algonquains fed colonists and without them, The New Hampshire Colony would have probably not been successful.

What is the Native American translation for Lori?

There are MANY Native American languages. Each tribe has its own language. So there is no one translation for any name or word. You would have to ask what the name is in a particular Native American language, like for instance, Cherokee, or Apache, or Cree, or Dakota, or Mohawk, or Navajo, and on and on.

What was a typical meal for a native north Americans?

There was no typical meal for an American Indian. It would depend upon the tribe, its location and time of the year.

What did the Calusa tribe eat?

The Calusa Native American tribe mainly ate fish, oysters or any other seafood's. Calusa hunters would hunt birds at a very small game,.

You are writing a Profile essay on an older native American woman what questions should you ask her?

I would start with what is her tribe and who is her family. Do not use the word princess.

The colonist of Plymouth colony in Massachusetts would not have been able to live through the winter of 1620 without?

help from a neighboring Native American tribe.

What are some examples of Native American death rituals?

Well, because Native Americans were so varied, this question would need a very lengthy answer. There were so many different kinds of tribes, the answer would depend on the tribe you were wondering about.

What is the native American word for laugh?

There is no such language as "Native American". You would need to specify which of the 450+ native american languages you are referring to.

Where In America Did Native American lived You?

??? I'm not too sure what you meant to ask here.... if you were asking: where did you, as a native American, live? my answer would be.... I am native American and I was born and raised in northern California on the same land my ancestors lived on. BUT if you meant: where in America did native Americans live? then my answer would be....... native Americans were EVERYWHERE... depends on which (specific) tribe you meant. we're over 500 nations/tribes strong, so you kind of need to be more specific if that's what you meant.

What was the Native Indian government like?

There are many separate Native American tribes, each with its own form of government. So you would need to ask about the government of a specific tribe of the Native Americans, not just "Native Indian government." If you meant India, the country, then you need to say that, and not "Native Indian."

How would you file a civil suit against a native American tribe?

The suit would need to be filed in the federal court that has jurisdiction in the area where the reservation is located. If the suit is against individuals who are of Native American heiritage and do not reside on a reservation the suit would be filed in the appropriate state court in the county where the defendant(s) live.