We have travel insurance and they said we are not guarenteed for our cancellation We have 2 cancel our trip because we will basically be homeless if we dont How can I get the insurance to work with us?

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There's not much if any leeway in insurance policies to pay for something that's not described as covered. Were you led to believe the policy would pay if you cancelled because you changed your mind? If so, you may have recourse against the person who sold you the policy, but as the purchaser you have an obligation to read and understand the policy before you buy. Read the fine print and see if there is any provision that will respond to your current situation. If not, I'm very sorry yet I don't see how the insurance company can bend the rules without being required to bend the rules for everyone.
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What mortgage insurance can you cancel after paying it for 2 years?

Do u really need mortgage insurance? Do u have any other lifeinsurance policy? If yes, then that policy is sufficien. Just checkthat its amount is enough to cover your CURRENT mortgage amount.feel fre to contact back. Answer Mortgage insurance is usuallyrequired by the lender if the loan is in exces ( Full Answer )

Can you cancel your car insurance policy?

\n. \n Answer \n. \n. \nYou sure can cancel your insurance policy BUT you might not want to. In our state insurance is required to drive a car or truck and you can be fined and lose you drivers license if your caught driving without insurance. I would question the wisdom of cancelling your ( Full Answer )

Can an insurance company cancel your homeowners insurance because you refuse to have your car insured with them?

No. One thing has nothing to do with the other. If they threaten it, you should remove all business from them and go through someone else. There are companies who will give you discounts for getting all of your policies in one place (Farmers does it, maybe AllState). Your homeowner's policy can onl ( Full Answer )

Is it hard to get insurance after being canceled?

Cancellation . It's very easy to get new insurance. Just like any type of business, insurance companies want you to go to them. You'll just have to come up with a down payment and sign a bunch of new papers so your new policy can take effect. Make sure you get insurance as soon as your old pol ( Full Answer )

Why are life insurance policies not cancellable by the insurer?

Answer . So that you can plan for your family now and not when you get sick. If companies could cancel when you got sick, there would be very few claims. Gosh, if the policy we're big enough, they could hire someone to follow you and say you got in a car accident - they could cancel the policy, b ( Full Answer )

How to cancel Progressive insurance?

Policy Cancellation Questions How do I cancel my policy? You can call Customer Service toll free at 1-877-280-8418. Do I need to have another policy in force to cancel this one? You should have coverage with another carrier or consider staying with Progressive Direct. It's illegal in most s ( Full Answer )

When to cancel collision insurance?

Step 1: Determine the current market value of your used vehicle.. Online services such as Edmunds, Kelly Blue Book, etc can help you.. Step 2 : Determine the annual or bi-annual premium for auto collision and comprehensive insurance from your most current insurance statement. Also find the deducti ( Full Answer )

How do I cancel life insurance?

Look inside your life insurance policy contract. There should be a provisions section that explains what is required of you in order to cancel your life insurance policy. Usually, you must send a written request signed and dated including your name, name of the insured, the policy number and the d ( Full Answer )

How do you cancel auto insurance?

Call your insurance company and ask what the policy is for removing coverage. You may not be able to if you signed a contract.

Can you cancel car insurance policy?

Yes, either by contacting the insurer or the agent to cancel it, or by not paying the next premium when due. However, most states require auto insurance as a condition of registering the vehicle and renewing your driver's license. Therefore, if you have no applicable coverage when you try to do eith ( Full Answer )

Do you get paid if you cancel your life insurance?

\n. \n. \nNo you would not. Insurance is only applicable as long as the policy is in force and is VALID. \n. \nOnce the policy gets cancelled either due to non payment of premium or because you want to cancel it, all benefits of the insurance policy become null and void. You would not get any ben ( Full Answer )

Can you cancel insurance?

What kind of insurance? Life? Yes, you can simply stop paying. If it is a cash value policy you can surrender it.

How do you cancel unicare insurance?

I called and asked and they said you can either fax them a letter of cancellation with your name and ID number, or send an email to Individual.Membership@Wellpoint.com with the same info. I did the latter.

Can i cancel the gap insurance from the dealer if you have insurance on it?

Usually you can cancel the Gap insurance anytime you want. You should be refunded money too depending on when you purchased it. Gap Insurance has nothing to do with Auto Insurance. Gap Insurance is just something that you purchase "usually from the dealer" to protect you if your upside down in your ( Full Answer )

Can an insurance company cancel your insurance in a catastrophe?

No, No insurance company in America would cancel your policy simply because you have experienced a disaster or have a catastrophe pending. However, If you have missed your premium payment, your renewal or have a non-renewal notice pending, the mentioned pending catastrophe would have no effect on ( Full Answer )

If you cancel the insurance will you get your money back?

The answer depends upon how long the policy has been in force. There may be a right to a refind of premium paid, called an "unearned premium". However, it exists for only a finite period of time and depends upon the terms of the policy.

Can I legally cancel an insurance policy?

Yes. Insurance companies agree to cover the events listed in their auto policy for an agreed upon premium. If you stop paying the premium, they'll stop providing coverage. If the company has extended coverage on your behalf, you could still owe them money for "premium earned" after cancelling it. ( Full Answer )

Can insurance cancel your insurance after they have taken payment?

An insurance company can cancel your coverage for any number of reasons, all of which would need to be laid out in the policy (contract) that you signed with them upfront. The most common reason that a company would cancel your insurance would be for nonpayment. Other than that, you are probably ( Full Answer )

How do you cancel progressive insurance online?

You can call the 800 number that is on the back of your insurancecard and speak to the customer service person on the phone. Theymay make you sign a cancellation request or perhaps they can take arecorded statement in lieu of this.

What do you do if your insurance is cancelled during pregnancy?

You can look into COBRA insurance at http://www.cobrainsurance.com/COBRA_Law.htm, or ask your city and/or county for low cost insurance options. If you need more help, just contact your local librarian. Many library web sites have a link where you can chat online with a librarian 24 hours a day ( Full Answer )

When can an insurer cancel your insurance?

It depends on your state and company. Some can non-renew you for filing too many claims some can do that if you live in a territory where they no longer want to have a certain exposure, like living on the coast and not wanting to have the same exposure to wind or hurricane damage. In some states it ( Full Answer )

How can you cancel your life insurance policy?

Easy way, You can just stop to pay premiums but I would not recommend it. Because this will be saved under your records and in future when you apply for a new policy, it may affect your premium rate. And nobody wants that i suppose. The best way to do it is make a written request. It can be done ( Full Answer )

When should you cancel your comprehensive insurance?

When you feel it is no longer necessary such as not having the car anymore, the cars value being to low to insure, or you don't think it is or risk of being damaged by perils out of your control.

Is it legal to get canceled from homeowners insurance because of my service dog?

It's not a matter of legality. It's a matter of the companiesunderwriting guidelines. No insurance company is going to cancel your policy due to yourhaving a service dog. They can however cancel your policy if youown a certain breed of dog that is on the companies prohibitedlist. For example, If a ( Full Answer )

How can I cancel my federal health insurance?

If you are an active employee you would need to contact your personell office, and if retired, contact the office that handles retirement benefits. It should only require that you sign a form or two.

What is the cost of wedding cancellation insurance?

Cancellation insurance for a wedding can cost you between $100 to $200 depending on what you want covered. If you only want attire, rings, etc. that is for the lower amount. If you want liability insurance in case someone is hurt, go for the $200.

When do you cancel your homeowners insurance?

Generally one would cancel a home insurance policy whenever one decides they no longer need it, such as sold the home or the home no longer exists, etc.

Where and how to get Condo Insurance If Condo Insurance cancel you?

First we would need to know why you were cancelled? As if you were cancelled for misrepresentation or fraud then you are in trouble, but if you were cancelled for non payment then just call up some other insurance companies and get quotes should be no issue, you may see a jump in your premium and th ( Full Answer )

How a fire insurance can be cancelled?

When the factory has closed down or the building no longer needs fire insurance, you are to write to the Insurance Company citing the reason as applicable, and ask them to discontinue the policy.

How do you cancel car insurance and changed insurance?

Insurance can be canceled in a couple of ways. The easiest is to refrain from paying the next premium whereupon the policy will cancel for lack of payment of premium. However, it is important, before you do this, to have suitable new insurance in place. You need this for self-protection, and also be ( Full Answer )

What do travel cancellation insurances cover?

Travel cancellation insurance can be purchased with various options. It will provide reimbursement of prepaid nonrefundable trip costs when you need to cancel or postpone your scheduled trip. Depending on the type of travel cancellation insurance you purchase you must comply with the list of covered ( Full Answer )

Where can one purchase cancellation insurance?

There are many places where one can purchase cancellation insurance. This includes your local travel agent as well as online sites such as Travel Guard and the BCAA.

How do you cancel my reliance life insurance?

actually i started reliance life insurance(cash flow plan) at 14thjune 2011 and after i paid two premiums yearly, and i now i wantstop my insurance due to some financial problems so please give me suggestion , how can i collect my previous amountand what is the procedure

How do you cancel an insurance claim?

As long as you have not received payment and cashed the check you can always tell your agent or the adjuster that you wish to withdraw the claim. It should not be an issue with the company unless they finished the claim and closed the claim but even then they may be agreeable to allow you to withdra ( Full Answer )