Were do vampire bats live?


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Vampire bats live in caves, mines, old wells, hollow trees, and abandoned buildings in Mexico, regions of South America including Chile and Argentina, parts of the Caribbean, and islands off the northern coast of Venezuela.

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We have not vampire bats in Romania.

No, vampire bats live in South America, not the US. The US does have lots of other types of bats, though.

Because vampire bats live in dark caves

Vampire bats live in the tropics so they don't hibernate.

Vampire bats have a life span of thirty years

No, only Vampire bats live in Central, and South America.

Vampire Bats live in South and Central America.

Vampire bats live off of the blood of other animals.

yes vampire and ghost bats do.

Vampire bats live in tropical regions. There are none in Romania.

no.they don't live in the usa because the usa is in north America and vampire bats live in south America.

Vampires live FOREVER. Bats don't ...

no. they live in south america.

none. Vampire bats live in South America

Vampire bats live in South America where there aren't any states.

No, they are not found in Africa.

a vampire bat lives in a cave a vampire bat lives in a cave

No , bats are viviparous giving live birth to their young .

There are three species of Vampire Bats. All three species live in the American rainforests, ranging from Mexico to Brazil, Chile, and Argentina.

The vampire bats are found u. parts of South and Central America. They live in caves, hollowed out trees, and even old wells.

Vampire Bats we know are real creatures and can live for only an amount of time, But vampires are half dead so they "live" forever. Hope this helped

Vampire bats live in South America. Vampire "undead" are a product of fiction and do not exist.

Vampire bats tend to live in groups like other bat species. These animals sleep during the day and do their hunting for food at night.

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