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Were do you find performance parts for a 46 cc gas scooter?


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but if you want to find performance go 2 or hope this helps scooter parts follow the link


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There is a big difference in the performance between a gas scooter and an electric scooter. A gas scooter has a lot more power and can reach higher speeds than an electric scooter. That being said, the cost to drive an electric scooter is cheaper than gas.

There are performance kits for certain models of scooters on the internet. The quickest and easiest way to improve performance on a scooter is to replace the exhaust system/muffler. A performance muffler will free up air flow allowing your scooter to breathe better and will improve performance as well as gas mileage.

Yes but after buying all the parts and fabbing all the pieces it would be easier to just get a gas scooter.Unless you really need to do it then good luck.

Exchanging an electric scooter into a gas-powered scooter generally involves replacing the whole of the engine to a gas-powered engine. The only exception is a gas-powered fuel cell, which maintains the scooter's electric usage, but uses a fuel cell to generate the electricity.

I don't believe there is a speed restrictor on the scooter. I own three and i checked them top to bottom. The speed is just limited by the gear ratio. Its about 35 mph with a stock scooter and a max of 40 mph with performance parts before the engine dies.

a gas scooter it will go faster than an electric.

It all depends on the type of scooter you have, but your best bet would be to check your manual and look what octane ratings can be used for your scooter. The premium gas at most American Gas Satations is 93 octane. yes you can run your scooter on the higher octane gas i run my scooter on hygorgenpuroxide the stuff u put in cuts but put more oil in the mix that will give u a realy big kick Running a scooter on higher octane will not increase your performance. Higher octane fuel is normally used in fancy cars because it is less likely to cause backfires because it needs more compression to ignite it.

Diagrams help a person make changes to items. The wiring diagram for a 49cc gas scooter is found in the owners manual, which is gotten at the time of purchase.

How much does your gas scooter cost?

Where do you live ? Nazi controlled Germany ? You should move to CAIFORNIA !

A Bully Dog performance chip is a product for automobiles. Bully Dog are a company specialising in car and motor parts, and the chip is for gas and diesel performance.

You can find gas grill BBQ parts at places such as osh. They have a lot of repair materials, parts, etc.. So you should go to osh to find your BBQ grill parts, since they are highly likely to have it there.

One way to make a 49cc pocketbike faster is to get a performance airfilter, or a new muffler, or a new carbureator. You can find all kinds of parts for pocketbikes and gas scooters at they have performance parts of all kinds of scooters and poketbikes and dirtbikes and they also have stock original parts that came with the vehicle you purchased

can u ride a 49cc gas scooter on the road without Georgia operatator licences

no u do not need a license for a electric gas or petrol scooter actually I'm 100% sure that if your petrol or gas scooter is under 50cc is aloud to be ridden with no license needed in Australia china japan Mongolia and others......

ask someone who knows.

The way you unflood a scooter enging is really the same as most engines. First you remove the spark plug. Second, If the spark plug dose hase gas on ether burn it off or find a way to remove the gas for the spak plug cilender.

You don't want one they stopped making them because the retailer made horrible fake ones and ended up discontinuing the product and you can't even contact the so called company.

You do need a license to ride a 49cc gas scooter in South Dakota. You do not need a motorcycle license, however.

Depends on your setup. If your stock with no addon perofrmance parts regular is fine, bu tif you have added some performance parts to the engine you will need the higher octane to keep it running with good performance.

to wire the license plate lights you must have lights and wire them to the scooter.

For just a regular, non-electric, non-gas-powered scooter, you do not need a license.

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