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No. The Persians were an Indo-European, or Aryan, race of people.

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Q: Were the Persians Semites?
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How did your alphabet originate?


Are Palestinians semites?

Yes, they are.

Were Romans Persians?

No, the Roman were not Persians. They were Latins. The Persians were the ancestors of the Iranians

Who develped the first alphabet?

Early semites.

Who lived in Israel before the Semites?


Who won Persians or Spartans?

The PersiansWhen and where?

Who won the Persians war?

The Persians

Who was the king of the Persians?

The leader of the Persians was Xerxes I

Where did Babylonians come from?

They came from Arabia and their ancestors were the Semites

What was the name for people against Jews?


Who were the Persians and what did they do?

Persians still are Persians (Iranians), many years ago some Arabs attacked Iran and changed their religion to Islam. Now days Iranian people are two kinds: Pure Persians, Arab-Persians. Currently Power of Iran is in Arab-Persians hand.

How did the Hebrews and Persians interact?

The Persians freed the Hebrews.

What did ancient Persians or Iranians call themselves?


Which of these was NOT spread by the Persians?

Democracy was not spread by the Persians and your welcome.

What Middle Eastern country do Persians live in?

Persians are also know as Iranians therefore Persians live in Iran

People who hate Jews are called?

They are called anti-Semites.

What the definition of antisemitism?

Dislike of semites. (Jewish and Arabic people)

Who was the king of the Persians while Sparta and the Persians were in war?

He was Xerxes

Did Babylon become the capitol of the Persians?

It did when the Persians conquered Babylon.

Who did the Persians free?

the persians freed the Isrealites after conquering the babylonians

What is the religion of most Persians?

Most Persians today are Muslim, but before the advent of Islam in Persia, most Persians were Zoroastrians.

What are the contributions of the Persians?

To what, and when - the Persians have been around for several thousand years.

Was the colony of axun founded by Persians Arabs Phoenicians or Romans?


Where are Persians located in the Middle East?

Most Persians live in Iran.

Did Persians lose to the Greeks in the Persian wars?

Yes the Persians lost.