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Were the early automobiles heavy or light?


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December 18, 2014 9:51PM

Most people think older cars are heavier because they were made out of metal, but the truth is newer cars are heavier. The newer model are bigger than their older counterpart. The average car sold in the United States weighted 3,000lbs. vs. the average in 2005 weighted 3,600lbs. TheIt doesn't help that trucks/vans/suv's make up a larger % of the vehicles sold in the USA.

model: New weights -------- Old weighted

VW golf 2014' 2860lbs 1983' 1785lbs.

Chevy Malibu 2014' 3400lbs 1964' 2850lbs.

6cyl. 4dr.

Camaro SS 2014' 3720lbs. 1969' 3174lbs.

F-250 V8 gas 2014' 5941lbs. 1975' 4255lbs.

2dr, 2wd

Honda civic 2014' 2749lbs. 1980' 1720lbs.

Honda Accord 2014' 3550lbs. 1986' 2,600lbs.

BMW 750I 2014' 4505lbs. 1986' 3,800lbs.

Cadillac 2014' 4300lbs. 1941' 4022lbs.