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Answer #1 The Filipinos were on the US side. There were Japanese atrocities in the Philippines.

Answer #2 There were no documented atrocities of Americans against the Filipinos in World War 2 as the Philippines was under American rule at that time.

However, the Americans did commit various atrocities during the Philippine-American War which happened on the years 1899 to 1902. Among these inhuman acts were: * The looting and pillaging of villages * Massacre of entire populations (i.e. massacre of 17,000 people in Caloocan, village of Maypaja had 5,000) * Re-concentration of Filipinos into small areas which led to disease and hunger causing the death of over 200,000 people * Massacre of the people of Samar ordered by Gen. Jake "Howling" Smith which was the killing of anyone capable of bearing arms. This meant all were killed from ages 10 years old and above * Use of the water treatment as a means of torture It may be very interesting to note that the Americans came with the reasoning that they were to Christianize and free the Filipinos from the Spanish. What they did not know was that the Filipinos almost had effective control of the country, were the only predominantly Catholic nation in Asia and on 1898 had established the first free republic in Asia.

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Q: Were there American atrocities against the Filipinos in World War 2?
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