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What Engines are compatible with a 1988 Toyota MR2?

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Two engines came from the factory for an 88 MR2. The 4AGE is the normally aspirated version of the engine. The 4AGZE is the supercharged version. Some people have installed the 4AGTE - a turbocharged version of the 4AG see A good reference on the 4AG series engines is available at Others have gone as far as to modify the engine mounts and remove a piece of the firewall between the engine compartment and rear trunk to install the 3SGTE from the second generation MR2. There are companies that offer kits and specialize in this conversion. V6's have been fitted into MR2's using Toyota's 1MZ-FE and 3VZ-FE engines. A good writeup can be found at And not for the faint of heart, a few have taken on the extreme challenge of shoe-horning a V8 into their MR2's. Bill Strong is on his second build of his "Toystar" an 1986 MR2 with a V8 Northstar engine from a Cadillac, see

2007-04-12 22:44:41
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Q: What Engines are compatible with a 1988 Toyota MR2?
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What engines are compatible with a 1991 Toyota MR2?

The 1991 Toyota MR2 came in three different variants each supplying different levels of power. The 5S-FE, 3S-GE, and 3S-GTE. The GTE came standard with a turbocharger.

What other make of car is compatible to a Toyota MR2?

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How much horsepower does a 1986 Toyota MR2 have?

The 1986 Toyota MR2's horsepower varied depending on where it was purchased for example the United States engine had about 112 hp the European engines around 124 hp, Australian engines around 118 hp and the Japanese engines around 130 hp.

Is a Toyota MR2 faster than a Honda NSC?

The Toyota mr2

What engines will fit a 1993 Toyota Paseo?

the Toyota mr2 engine is said to fit but i have to try it out myself first i just bought a 92 paseo

1992 mr2 non interference or interference engine?

According to the Gates website ( they make timing belts etc. ) the 2.0 liter and the 2.2 liter in a 1992 Toyota MR2 are NON interference engines

How do you change speedometer for 1986 mr2?

how to fix speedometer for Toyota mr2

Why is the Toyota mr2 discontinued?

Toyota wasn't making enough $$$

Does Toyota MR2 has rollbar?

No factory roll bars were installed in any generation of MR2

Which car company manufactures the MR2 Roadster?

The Toyota company manufactures the MR2 Roadster. The Toyota MR2 Roadster is a two seat car that was first produced in the year 1984 and was produced until 2007.

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Will a 1992 Toyota MR2 engine fit into a 1992 Toyota Camry?

yes but depends if you are keeping fuel injection system of mr2 or the one of the Camry

Does the 2002 Toyota MR2 have a timing belt or timing chain?

The 1.8 liter four cylinder engine in a 2002 Toyota MR2 has a timing CHAIN

What is the wheel bolt pattern on a 1986 Toyota MR2?

Find all your MR2 MK1 answers on the best MR2 forum. Go to : MR2 owners club. See you there!!

Where can one purchase Toyota MR2 car parts?

Toyota MR2 car parts are available where parts for small cars are sold. They may be purchased online or directly from a Toyota dealership in your community.

How do you check power steering fluid in a 1986 Toyota MR2?

Mk1 Mr2's do not have power steering

What year were the Toyota MR2 cars introduced?

Toyota first showed its concept car which would become the MR2 in October of 1983. The MR2 was officially released in 1984. A second generation of MR2's were released in 1989 (1990 in North America) and a third was released in 1999.

Where is the best place to buy a used Toyota MR2?

The best place to buy any used Toyota, including an MR2 is from a certified used Toyota Dealer. They can be found all over the US and the Toyota website will lead you to one.

When was the Toyota MR2 Spyder first launched?

The Toyota MR2 Spyder was first launched in 1976. It is a two-seat sports car manufactured by the company of Toyota. They are produced in Japan. There are three generations of the car.

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What is the Toyota that was discontinued?

Celica, MR2, Solara, etc.

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When the timing belt breaks on a 1987 Toyota MR2 do the valves hit the pistons?

No , the 1.6 liter 4 cylinder engine in a 1987 Toyota MR2 is not an interference engine