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What I should do if my best friend is annoying me?

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βˆ™ 2011-02-22 20:56:42

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The thing about friendship is that if a friend is really annoying you then he/she trusts you most likely, also it might be out of there comfort zone to act like this around other people so sometimes you need to have patience and wait till they realize that you don't really care for what he/she is trying to prove. What I do, or what I learned, is that you should make a list and write the good qualities and the bad quality of the friend. Do not feel pressured if there is more bad qualities then good by the way, you need to know the truth. Then, on the bad side, she which bad quality annoys you. Now this is when you need to make the choice, is it worth getting angry over.

The list really works cause I know that different people get annoyed over different things. So then find out what you can do to help this person get over this hill (as in the annoying factor haha). Its up to you as a good friend to help he/she.

It gets easier.

2011-02-22 20:56:42
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What if your best friend is bugging you what should you do?

You should tell him or her, please stop bugging me about that. that can get annoying sometimes.

Who is Annoying Oranges best friend?


My best friend has been really annoying lately Why is this Help please?

Maybe your best friend is feeling anxious about something and that is why they are annoying. Talk to them and ask whet's going on.

How would your best friend describe you?

Annoying, but they love the way you act. Well, my best friend does anyways:)

How do you make a annoying friend go away?

If he/she is your friend then it's easy to say them that you are annoying me please go away right now if he/she is not your friend then ignoring is the best option.

What should you do if someone in your grade thinks your annoying?

Well if you really want to be their friend then stop annoying them.

How can i stop a girl fron being annoying?

If the girl is a friend of yours the best way is to tell her that she can be annoying.

Is it annoying being with an annoying friend?

If the person is annoying to you she or he is but if not they are not annoying they are not annoying at all. personally i have experience sitting next to an annoying friend called Travers, Georgie

What do you do if your friend gets annoying?

Well what you should do first is to be calm and relax or just go out there and say that she/he is annoying you. If she/he gets angry at you that means she/he isn't a good friend to have.

What is the most annoying song ever made?

Best friend by Toybox.

What do you do if your best friend is annoying and irritating now?

You talk to him\her about it and try to settle it.

If your big sister has a best friend and the best friends little sister is in your class and is so annoying what do you do?

Answer: Ask her why she is being annoying and ask her to stop. Whatever you do, don't flip because your sister might not be too pleased with you and neither will her best friend if that is the case.

What does your best friend want from you?

well at times a best friend can be kind and sweet but on the the hand they can also sometimes be annoying and obnoxious. A real BFF will not ask you to do something you don't want to do. In the end a Best Friend only wants a friend and that is you!

Should a best friend tell his best friend a secret?

Yeah, a best friend is someone that you should feel comfortable with.

What do you do if your best friend brags a lot?

It depends.If he/she is like really annoying just ignore him/her

What to do if you hate your best friend?

Then obviously he/she is not your best friend. You should be real with your "best friend."

How should you talk to the boy you like without coming across annoying?

"Don't be annoying" is probably the best way.

What to do if your friend is really annoying and you dont want to be her friend anymore but cant tell her or your friends or family?

If you really care for your friend, tell him/her that he/she is annoying and it is bad to be annoying, people will not talk to you. Continue to tell him/her that she/he is annoying you and if she/he continues to be like that you can't carry on with your friendship.

What should I do if my best friend isn't my friend anymore?

You should just move on with your life and become friend with someone else and just that best friend that is not your friend anymore>

Ive fallen out with your best friend what should you do?

You know my best friend?

What do you do if your best friend is more pretty than you?

You forget about it. If she's your best friend then, how pretty you are and how pretty she shouldn't matter, it should matter that she is your best friend though. You forget about it. If she's your best friend then, how pretty you are and how pretty she shouldn't matter, it should matter that she is your best friend though. You forget about it. If she's your best friend then, how pretty you are and how pretty she shouldn't matter, it should matter that she is your best friend though.

How Do You Make Up For Annoying your best friend?

You pretend that THEY don't annoy YOU even when they are. They'll realize how annoying they're being, like you were, and they'll let it go, like you are.

What should you do if you feel like the third wheel when your best friend gets a new best friend?

You should talk to your friend about it trust me it will help.

Telling your best friend your dating a girl?

if they are your best friend they should understand

What should you gift your best friend?

Something that they like. Since they're your best friend you should know what they want.