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What advantages does this site have over Yahoo Answers?

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One's questions are always open for contributions. In YA, generally one only has 7 days to have a question answered, then it's considered "resolved" i.e. closed.

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What other sites - apart from WikiAnswers - can help you with the answers you need?

Yahoo! Answers is also a good site, other than WikiAnswers. But I recommend WikiAnswers over Yahoo! Answers. WikiAnswers is the best Q&A site and it has the best community. Yahoo! Answers isn't always correct, as well, and you cannot change the answers or spellings on there. On WikiAnswers, you can edit about everything to make the site better. Yahoo! Answers you can't, and it is a poor Q&A site.

What is the best question and answer site?

Yahoo answers or google Sometimes here is OK but yahoo answers is my fave

What s a good website to get answers?

It is this site obviously or if you have a Yahoo account you can ask a question on Yahoo Answers.

Is there a site where you put the question in and it will answer it for you other than this site?

yahoo answers

Is this site the best question and answer site in the US?

Wiki Answers and yahoo answers and suriin Another good one is It takes the answers from a bunch of different q&a sites (yahoo answers, wiki answers, etc) and combines them.

Does Yahoo answers ever answer a question?

This site is better.

How do you get the old Yahoo Answers?

Unfortunately, you can't. Once Yahoo Answers updates the site, that is the only version available to the public to use.

What is a good site with a question and answer section?

A good site with a question and answer section is the Yahoo Answers. This site answers many questions that website visitors are searching for. Yahoo Answers has a friendly online community that contribute their knowledge so that others may learn from.

I am a member of Yahoo Answers I am trying to find out if this is the same site and if so is it owned by READERS DIG?

This is NOT the same site as YAHOO ANSWERS. This site is one of several similar and associated ones owned and operated by ANSWERS.COM.

Is there another site like this one?

Yahoo answers is similar.

Can you put Yahoo Answers on your site?

Yeah you can you have to link it in your coding.

What is this another Yahoo Answers site?

Actually, this came first

Is there a better answer site?

yahoo answers google answers answer bag (just google "answer site" and you will find tons) plus this ones not that bad

What is Yahoo answers?

Yahoo answers is a public-access question and answer site where any member can answer or ask questions and earn points.Basically,its just a Q and A site like,it is on number 2 in the list of most popular Q and A site,and this site is on number 1.

Is WikiAnswers going to get bought out by Google or Yahoo?

Google tried Google Answers in the past and it is now out of commission. Yahoo! already has their own answers site, Yahoo! Answers. is a competitor to Yahoo! Answers. There's no way to predict whether Google or Yahoo might buy out or whether might buy out web properties from Google or Yahoo in the future.

Is jeeve's better than answers com?

No,answers-com is the best,the only site that can be competitive to is Yahoo!Answers.

How do you make a Yahoo answer free?

You simply go to the Yahoo Answers site (linked below) and click the SIGN UP link. Answer the questions and/or fill in the information requested and you will be signed up for a free Yahoo Answers account.

On what site can you get answers to questions?

how bout google? or BING! or perhaps yahoo answers. maybe ask jeeves. but not

How do you unsubscribe from Yahoo answers?

Yahoo Answers is not a subscription service, so you can't unsubscribe. Only the Yahoo Answers team can DELETE a Yahoo Answers account. Closing the Yahoo EMAIL ID will eventually deactivate the linked Yahoo Answers account, but also closes everything attached to that email account. After 4 months, the Yahoo Answers profile WILL disappear and show a message stating the account has been closed. But ALL the questions and answers from that profile are still visible & searchable on the Yahoo Answers site. All IN VOTING or RESOLVED Q&A remain the property of Yahoo. The safest thing to do if a person wants to leave the Yahoo Answers site is: Click their avatar, ♦ Delete open questions and answers to open questions. Then click the 'edit my preferences' link. There: ♦ Blank out the avatar, nickname and 'About Me'. ♦ Close links to Yahoo Profile, IM and/or email. ♦ Disallow fans. Remove contacts. ♦ Set Network and Q&A to private.

Which answer site is the best?

Top rank goes to wiki ,latter to yahoo answers.

What are other question and answer sites?

yahoo answers and other question and answer site is ChaCha. But Answers is the best app.

Who are Answers' competitors?

Some of the competitors to Answers include Yahoo!, Quora, and Answer Bag. Each site has its own advantages. Answers has both crowd-sourced and professionally written content, and offers other products and services such as surveys, slideshows, gossip, cloud content, tablet content, etc. Yahoo! is a complete web portal, offering news, search engines, celebrity gossip, email, and much more.Quora is mostly a Q&A site, but they do offer blogs. Like Yahoo! Answers, it has more of a community feel about it than Answers. Answers is a community too, but everyone groups off more, and user interactions are more personal, whereas in Quora and Yahoo Answers, you are dealing more with the open public.

Why your question will expire in 2 day on Yahoo Answers?

Questions that receive no answers or for which no answer was chosen as best on Yahoo Answers are removed after a certain number of days to keep server space free for active questions and answers. It is a form of site editing they employ.

Is there any other site that gives you answers?

Yes, there's Yahoo Answers but for every question you ask you lose 5 points

How do you get question featured on Yahoo answers?

Questions are featured in the Best of Answers section on the Yahoo Answers Home page. These questions are chosen by Yahoo Answers staff, but they can be recommended to the staff by users on the site. There is also an ability to star a question and questions with a lot of stars may end up reviewed by the staff for inclusion in the Best of Answers feature section.

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