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Sterling fitness equiptment makes aerobic equiptment that is specifically designed for women.

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Q: What aerobic equipment is designed for women?
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Aerobic Exercise Equipment?

form_title= Aerobic Exercise Equipment form_header= Get into shape with aerobic equipment! Do you currently own any aerobic equipment?*= () Yes () No () Not Sure If so, what kind?*= _ What is your current exercise routine?*= _ What is your budget for the equipment?*= _

Is a stairmaster considered aerobic equipment?

Yes, stairmasters are considered aerobic equipment.

Can I get an aerobic workout with video equipment?

Yes, there is aerobic workout equipment that comes with videos.

Do I need a special floor in my home for aerobic equipment?

Aerobic equipment should generally be on the bottom floor or in the basement level of homes but you would not need a special floor for aerobic equipment unless you choose to do so.

can my husband and I use the same type of aerobic equipment successfully?

Yes. With many of the aerobic equipment available today, it is slightly customizable to your height/weight/aerobic abilitity. For other aerobic equipment, it may not be customizable but will still offer people a successful workout.

Does home aerobic exercise equipment provide the same benefit as the more professional equipmet found in gyms?

Home aerobic equipment can give you the same quality of workout as the equipment found in a gym.

Is aerobic exercise equipment safe for users of all ages?

Most aerobic equipment is safe for all ages and skill set,children should not be allowed to use the equipment without adult supervision.

Is there aerobic equipment for the elderly?

Yes, there is equipment that can be used in and out of the water that will be able to help the elderly exercise.

Do Fitness bands and dumbells provide areobic workouts Are they considered aerobic equipment?

Fitness bands and dumbbells can be used in aerobic workouts, in fact that was the primary purpose of fitness bands originally although dumbbells are not typically considered to be aerobic equipment.

Is there aerobic equipment for children?

Yes, at a major sports equipement retailer you can buy equipment that is made for children.

Buying Aerobic Equipment?

Aerobic equipment can be found in gyms and homes across the United States. Of course, such equipment is meant for exercise. The cardiovascular system is targeted with aerobic equipment, so it is all designed to improve the heart and the body overall. Thousands of people use aerobic machines each day to improve their health and stay fit. On top of that, such equipment is great for losing weight because it will strain the body greatly and cause plenty of calorie burning plus sweating.What types of aerobic equipment are out there?There are tons of different aerobic equipment and machines out there, and each one works in a slightly different manner. Therefore, certain machines will work specific muscles of the body while others will target a different set of muscles. Still, the heart will get quite a workout from any of these machines. Treadmills might be the most common aerobic machines out there, but bicycles and ellipticals are quite popular too. Aerobic equipment is popular in just about every gym because people like to run, bike, and walk for a workout. Without a doubt, there are plenty of other aerobic equipment out there that haven't been named here.Where can a person buy such equipment?Fortunately, aerobic equipment is sold in most major department stores and all sporting goods stores. That means that a person won't have any trouble finding the equipment and machinery he or she wants to buy and use. Sporting goods stores hold the biggest lineups when it comes to such equipment, but department stores will carry a handful of machines that a person can purchase. Therefore, the majority of people who are looking for aerobic equipment will prefer to head to their local sporting goods store to pickup the machines. Either way, this equipment is very common in many different stores.Is this equipment necessary?In the end, aerobic equipment isn't necessarily a requirement for staying healthy. A person doesn't need to go out and buy their own machines. Obviously, anyone can take a jog outside or head over to the gym for exercise. Still, some individuals like the idea of being able to use the aerobic machines in the comfort of their own home, which is quite convenient under any circumstances.

What type of aerobic equipment do I need for pilates?

Some of the common aerobic equipment used for pilates are gloves, an exercise mat, water aerobics equipment (such as water dumbbells that have built-in flotation pads), step bench, and hand weights.

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