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Q: What age do you have to be to adopt in MN?
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At what age can a child babysit in MN?

At age 14. rey

What is the legal age in Pennsylvania to adopt a child?

I think that in any state you must be 18 years of age to adopt a child. However, your state may have laws about the requirements you need to adopt a child.

What age do you have to be to work in MN?

you have to be 21you have to be 21

If you are 20 years of age can someone still adopt you as their child?

if im 20 can someone adopt me?

What is the age limit to adopt?


What is the legal age for minors for piercings in MN?

18 years of age =] x18 years of age =] x

Can I adopt 20 years old child currently living in US in chicago US?

There is not a way to adopt a person at the age of 20. After the age of 18 they are considered an adult.

What age can you adopt a hamster?

you should adopt a hamster when its a baby. i dont know why but everyone says its better

If you are 17 can you adopt?

No, because that would be in the teenager/young adult age group. When you become an adult, you can adopt.

Legal age to sell cigarettes mn?


Can you adopt someone who is 20?

Once someone turns the age of 20, there is no need to adopt them. Anyone over the age of 18 is an adult and can take care of themselves, unless they are disabled.

Can you adopt a new born child at age 13?

You can not adopt until you are a legal adult (age 18). This is for a number of reason concerning the safety and life of the child.

When is the best age to adopt a child?


Do you have to be a certain age on Sims 3 to adopt a baby?

Yes u have to be an adult or older to adopt or try for baby

What age can you shoot a gun in mn?

At any age with the approval of your parents, and under direction of an adult.

In what US states can you gamble at age 18?

Mn, ga

Are there any exceptions to the drinking age in MN?

no the law is you have to be 21

Can you adopt a person over the age of 18?


Can you adopt when you are 54 years old and married to 46 year old woman?

Yes, you can adopt at any age above 18

What age can a child refuse visitation in MN?

see related link

Legal age to ride on the back of a motorcycle in mn?

placards are required?

What age does a child have the right not to visit noncustodial parent in MN?


What can you do at age 21?

adopt and rent a car also get a tattoo

How old do you have to be to adopt a child?

You must be 18 years old to adopt a child.18 if you have no criminal record. so be good. The age when one is eligible to adopt a child is determined by the state law in which the potential adopter lives. However, there are a multitude of factors involved in adoption the least of which is the age requirement.

What is the legal age to ride a dirt bike in MN?

The legal age to ride a dirt bike in MN is 14 years old. However, at 14 years old a child must wear his or her helmet while riding a dirt bike.

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