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Q: What all sources are there under mass communication?
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What is the difference between journalism and mass communication?

journalism include all media sources with whom we can be in touch with masses and mass means people and communication means to communicate,so there is no such difference,its same.yes there is a bit difference because we add mass communication word because in journalism we are taught how to communicate with people and how to make that communication successful.

What encompasses all forms of mass communication?


What is communication mass media?

its refers collection of all media technologies..that are intended to reach a large audience via mass communication.....

Example of mass communication?

Mass communication is anything that gets to lots of people. For example, tv, radio, and newspapers are all mass communication.

Definition of mass communication?

Mass Communication is the ability to reach a large audience all at once. Such as the national newscast on television reaches millions of people at once.

Examine critically the salient features of the definition of mass communication that set it apart from other forms of communications?

Mass communication is different from other forms of communication in that it all takes place in public, even if its participants are never in the same room with each other. Reciprocal one-on-one communication is not possible in mass communication, except if it takes place in front of an audience.

Other examples of medium mass communication?

Examples of medium mass communication include blogs, pod casts and message boards, all of which fall under the umbrella of the internet. Telephones are another example of medium mass communication. Fliers or mailouts, as in mailbox drops or junk mail, are also examples, as are posters, bumper stickers, print media (newspapers, magazines), television, movies, and so on. Any type of communication designed to be readily available to the population of an area in general fits the description.

Almost all-stars fall under a mass range of?

Almost all stars fall in a mass range of

Give ten definition of mass communication?

Mass Communication refers to medium those appeals to a mass audience by using widely circulating media such as newspapers, magazines, television, and radio to inform, entertain and persuade the large widely dispersed and heterogeneous public. Mass communication is mediated form of communication. This differentiates mass communication from all other forms of communication.According to M. Janowitz in 'The Study of Mass Communication' in International Encyclopedia of Social Sciences, "Mass communication comprises the institutions and techniques by which specialized groups employ technological devices (Radio, TV, Press, films) to disseminate symbolic content to large heterogeneous and widely dispersed audiences."According to Charles R Wright, mass communication is a special kind of communication involving distinctive operating conditions, primary among which are nature of the audience, of the communication experience, and of the communicator. Mass communication is directed toward a relatively large, heterogeneous and anonymous audience. Mass communications is characterized as public, rapid and transient. And mass communication is organized communication.One of the finest definitions of mass communication has been given by Denis McQuail in his book Towards Sociology of Mass communication. According to McQuail, "the term mass media indicates the entire systems within which messages are produced, selected, transmitted, received and responded to".By Mohammed Abdullahi Barde: email.

The mass of all the substances before a chemical reaction is?

The mass of all substances before a chemical reaction is equal to the mass of the substance after the reaction. This is under the law of conservation of mass.

Is there land mass under the ice the North Pole?

No its all water

What is a meaningful communication?

what is a meaningful communication all about? what is a meaningful communication all about?

What are the important products improved by technology?

All electronic products, computers, communication, mass media and so many.

What are the all the atoms?

A full list can be found in the link under "Sources and related links" below this answer.

What is mas-communication?

Actually, it is "mass" communication (two words) you are asking about. Mass communication refers to using a mass medium to send your communication. The mass media (medium= singular, media= plural) include radio, television, newspapers, magazines, books, movies, internet, and recorded music. Your message to the audience might be spoken, or it might be written. It might be songs, political speeches, interviews with celebrities, jokes, talks by experts about medicine or sports, or some other kind of communication... But when you send it out by using the mass media, that is how mass communication occurs. Mass communication can reach large audiences-- in fact, it can reach people all over the world. But often, the audience is anonymous (we don't know, for example, who heard that song or who liked that speech); and mass communication also does not offer instant feedback or an instant reaction -- there is a delay between when the person hears (or reads or watches) it and when they can react to it. For example, I just wrote a new book and maybe you will buy it. But while I am sending my communication through the mass medium of books, it will take a while between the time you buy it and read it, and when you can get back to me to tell me what you think.

Under what conditions the mass of a body remains constant?

Under all conditions within human experience. That is, all non-relativistic conditions.

Why is not possible to eliminate noise completely in communication system?

the universe is noisy. eliminate all other noise sources and you still have the big bang.

Is ninety percent of the communication among all of the nations of the world accomplished by under water cable?

Not. False. Ninety percent of the communication among all of the nations of the world is not accomplished by underwater cable.

Explain how the force due to gravity depends on mass and distance?

Gravitational force is a consequence of an object having mass being attracted to all other sources of mass in the universe.Distance affects strength of attraction.

How do you write film is a mass communication?

I think what you are trying to say is that film is an "example of" mass communication. In other words, film (or movies) is one of the mass media. A mass medium sends out a message to a large and often distant and anonymous audience; we don't know who is listening to our radio show or who is reading our book, and the audience could come from anywhere. (And by the way, "medium" is singular-- radio is a mass medium. Radio and television are mass "media," plural.) Examples of mass media are radio, TV, movies, books, magazines, the internet, and newspapers. All of these are in the category known as "mass communication."

Under what circumstances is communication most successful?

when it is understood by all persons involved in the process. That is, good communication is free from social colloquialisms, cultural mores, and gender biases.

What is sociology of mass communication?

sociology of mass communication is an arm of sociology that seeks to study the relationship between the society, social phenomena and the mass media, it archieves this through the application of sociological concepts and empericism. It is necessary to understand that the sociologists study all factors that affects social reality. Yad Dan. Kogi state university Nigeria

Are all heat sources light sources?


Are all heat sources are light sources?


Why is nonverbal communication important to communication?

all the above