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hard to say, look at the ball joins , axles and or bushings on the control arm.(look at the boots on the axles. make sure they're not broken)

96 Town car does not have front axles or boots, it's a rear drive car--- the rest of the above answer is reasonable. I have a 96 and a 99 Lincoln and both make this noise. Started when they both had less than 30,000 miles. Have looked, checked, had it in a front end alignment shop, etc etc, but can't find cure. I don't worry about it anymore.

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Why clunking when accelerating to highway speed?

Buick makes a clunking sound from trans area when accelerating.

What makes clunking noise in the front end of 2005 caviler?

Sounds like its from one side? Ur shocks

1999 jeep grand cherokee- makes a clunking noise when turning left or right?

I think, it might be a problem with the front Differential..

What makes a clunking noise in the back of the car?


Car makes clunking noise when turning?

tie rod

1998 Plymouth voyager what makes a clunking sound in front end when driving over a bump?

Check the strut mountings Check springs and shocks they may be worn out

What makes a clunking noise when turning?

Wheel bearings or u joints

What makes the front pump seal on the transmission leak on a 93 Lincoln mark viii?


The Car makes clunking sound from underneath when engine is started?

could be your crank shaft

Your vw polo makes a load clunking noise when turning?

replace c/v joints

If your 1998 GMC Sierra makes a clunking noise at the front end when going over bumps what is wrong?

It's either something loose or something worn out. I'd start with the shocks then look at the ball joints.

What Makes 1992 Lincoln Shake When Reaching 65 mph?

Wheels are unbalanced or you need a front end alignment.

How do you replace front suspension struts on a Jeep Cherokee?

My 2000 Jeep Cherokee makes a clunking noise from the front. I just had 2 bad ball joints replaced but it still makes the noise. I asked about boots but was told I do not have boots on mine. I asked about the swaybar link. They asked me if my jeep makes the noise driving over bumps and it doesn't. I am at a lose. They are going to look at it and see if they can figure it out. Can you help me with this.

What makes a bed a Lincoln bed?

the Lincoln Bedroom

Why S10 makes a constant clunking noise from the heater system after warming up?

That'll be an airlock, bleed the heater and it will go way

When you let off the throttle of your car it makes a loud clunking sound from the front somewhere can you get all the possible ideas on what it could be the car is a 1998 Eclipse GS-T?

Motor mounts or chasis mounts Could be Constant Velocity joints too.

Why does my 2009 Pontiac Vibe makes a strange clunking noise like taking two plastic milk jugs and hitting them together while driving down the road at all speeds?

remove the plastic milk jugs and discard them. The clunking noise should stop.

What company makes Town Car?

Lincoln, but Lincoln is part of ford

My 1995 Toyota Camry LE makes a clunking noise when I accelerate from a stop to rapidly. I have to ease up to speed. It seems to come from the front right side. Possibly u-joint?

Very possible it is the right side half shaft.

Can it be fixed you have a 2000 commodore the oil dipstick is fine when you take the oil cap of the innerhousing is dry when you start it makes a clunking noise have you blown some cylinders?

A 2000 Commodore where the oil checks out okay at the dipstick but is dry when the oil cap of the inner housing is removed may have a faulty oil pump. This makes a clunking noise as if some cylinders have blown but may be a much simpler fix.

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What can cause a clunking noise when a car when excelerating and makes a turn?

One clunk when accelerating (but now repeated clunks) and another when braking can be caused by broken motor mounts.

Who makes Lincoln cars?

Ford Motor Company.