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Equidae (horse family) consists of Horse, Donkey and Zebra.

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What animals are part of the horse family?

donkey and horses are parts of the horse family.

Which animals are like a horse?

A Zebra and a tapir are related to the horse family

What animals are in the equine family?

Animals that characteristically resembles the horse. Some examples are:HorseDonkeyMuleZebra

What family of animals does a colt belong to?

wild horse

What is the horse a member of?

The horse is a member of the Eqqus family, along with zebras and many other horse-like animals.

Is horse a member of logomorph family?

No. The horse is under the Equidae family, which is entirely separate from the Lagomorph family. The animals that are classified under the Lagomopha family are rabbits, hares, and picas.

What is the animal on the Ward family crest?

Most Ward family crests that can be viewed by Googling "ward family crest" do not have any animals on them. A few have a horse.

What Other Animals are in Horse Family?

It is actually called an Equine family. Zebras, donkeys, mules, and horses are the most obvious species in the Equine family.

What is the classification of the horse?

Horses are mammals and classified as being a part of the Equidae family. Other animals in the Equidae family are donkeys and zebras.

What animal family does the horse come from?

Equidae is the animal family of horses or related animals (like donkeys, zebras or other species).

What is equidae?

Equidae is the family of horse-like animals, which belong to the order Perissodactyla. It is sometimes known as the horse family. Apart from the horse, other extant equids include assorted subspecies of donkey or ass, and the zebra. All of these are in the genus Equus the zoological family horses belong to

What family of animals do colts belong to?

A colt is a young male horse under the age of 4 years old.

What is the horse family called?

The horse family is called genus equus

What family is the Arabian horse in?

The Arabian horse is in the same family as all other horse breeds Equidae.

What types of plants or animals does a horse eat?

A horse eats grass or hay and no animals.

What 2 animals make a horse?

I believe it has to be a horse and a horse or a horse and a horse/donkey mix.

What family is a zebra?

they are with the horse family

What animals live in a stable?

A horse

In which Family Guy episode does Peter get a horse?

Family Gay is the Family Guy episode that Peter gets a horse in.

What do zebras and a horse have diffrently?

Both animals belong to the same family. A Zebra has a stripped coat. Horses are not stripped but have plain colors.

What are some members of the horse family?

Aside from horses (because a horse is a horse, of course), zebras and donkeys are members of the family Equidae.

What animals brays?

a horse brays to connect to a other horse

What family does the zebra belong to?

the horse family

What family is the horse related to?

the Equidae family

Mammal family A mammal of the horse family?


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