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You must first obtain a marriage license from your local region ... usually the County Recorders office, or possibly a City office ... depends on your state.

Then, license in hand, you are almost ready for marriage. Select the church you wish to have the ceremony and arrange for several counseling sessions with its pastor. He or she will advise you of the next steps to be taken, as that varies from one religion to another.

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In Italy there are only two types of legally recognized weddings-Catholic weddings and civil ceremonies.

This just means that you get the pleasure of marrying twice!

First at the civil hall where the ceremony only takes about 20 minutes but can be enriched with vows or poems, and then later the same day or another day in a religious ceremony, whether in a villa or in a garden, by the lakeshore or anywhere else you may choose to have the ceremony. While there are differing forms of Protestant religions, they are still one of the easier weddings to plan.

There is a wide range of religious practices under the Protestant religious groups.

Protestants are Baptists, Lutherans, Methodists, Episcopalians, Presbyterians and others The differences in theology and practice are reflected in their wedding services.

Moreover the wedding guests are participants in the service by sharing in hymns, scriptural readings and responses to the couple's exchange of vows.

Protestant services have far fewer restrictions and present much easier guidelines to follow thus making them a popular selection as a type of religious ceremony. Although not abundant, there are still a number of Protestant churches in Italy.

Some of the Protestant ministers are flexible and will perform the ceremony wherever you would like.

Since the ceremony is largely symbolic, there are few requirements and vary from one minister to the other.

The minister will provide verification that you can take to your home church to demonstrate that in addition to being legally married - the civil ceremony - that your union was recognized within the Protestant church.

Some opt to be married in a civil ceremony in their home countries and have a religious ceremony here in Italy.

The choice is yours. Italian Lakes Wedding can help you arrange all types of weddings: a valid civil wedding, religious wedding, catholic or protestant, symbolic or orthodox ceremonies or a simple blessing.

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No different than a catholic Funeral.

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Q: What are Protestant weddings like?
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