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1) It existed in every culture in the world.

2) Slavery started before recorded history

3) It still goes on today

4) Most died still in captivity

5) Slow death for slavery

6) Most were fed, clothed & sheltered

7) Even the smallest mistake they did was severely punished

8) Many of those who worked in household were treated well.

9) 27 million slaves were forced out of Africa and sent to Brazil.

10) It is usually Black (Africans) & Chinese who were slaves.

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Q: What are facts about slavery?
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Facts about Victorian slavery?

there is none

What are facts about slavery in the United States?

black people

Why the north was an anti slavery state facts?

Because mane

What are facts about child slavery?

Actually slavery began thousands of years ago in prehistory when they were used by ancient Romans and egyptians.

What are facts about gen george pickett?

he disliked slavery even though he was a confederate

What are facts about slavery in Canada?

They were treated badly Most of them came from America Hope this helped ! :)

What is a fact about Southern slavery?

One of the most important facts about slavery in the South in the antebellum period was that the large Southern plantations depended on slave labor to run them. Because of this dependence, slavery became a fact of life in the South.

What are facts about Spartacus?

the basic facts were that he was born a freeman in Thrace. he was in the Roman army and was finally sold into slavery. he escaped to mount vesuvius and led the third servile war

What are some interesting facts about slavery?

Abraham Lincoln, the 16th president, freed the slaves in the speech "The Gettysburg Address".

Did Connecticut delegates view on slavery during the Constitutional convention?

To be honest, I'm not entirely sure. It seems to me that they would be in support of slavery because, assuming my facts are correct, Connecticut had a lot of slaves.

What are some What are facts about haiti?

Haiti was the first country to win its independence by a slavery rebellion, that is the reason we got the Louisiana Purchase.

What were facts about the southern colonies?

In the early parts of American history, the south colonies had slavery and the had the right climate to produce crops.

What are facts about abolitionists?

they were people who wanted slavery to end, and made cases for it.they used speeches and letters to government.William Lloyd garrison published a radical anti slavery newspaper from 1831 to the end of the civil war

Facts about the underground railroad?

the "underground railroad" isn't a railroad at all it was a way to secretly get runaway slaves to the "north" where there isn't slavery.

What are facts about slaves?

They were captured in Africa and sold to slave traders. They were shipped to the colonies where they were sold into slavery. They were owned as property for life, and had no rights. And children of slaves were born into slavery. Look, I'm busy, so that's all I have time for......sorry!

What facts about Robert E. Lee?

He actually opposed slavery and the only reason he joined the Confederate Army was because he cared about His birthplace Virginia

What are two facts about Assyrians?

They had a nick name, Romans of Asia, because they were great warriors and they sold their wives and children into slavery to pay off their debts.

What is pro-slavery and anti slavery?

Pro-slavery is being in favor of slavery, while anti-slavery is being against slavery.

Facts about crispus attucks?

Crispus Attucks father was believed to be a slave and his mother a Natick Indian. He was born into Slavery and first to fall during the Boston Massacre.

Was the south of slavery against slavery or for slavery?

it was for slavery until civil war developed which made an decrease of slavery

Was John Brown From the civil war union or Confederate?

Actually, he was neither, but he fought against slavery. On October 16, 1859, he and 21 followers killed slavery supporters in the Kansas Territory. Most of the Union, except the four slave states, were against slavery as well. So if you put all the facts together, he would be considered a violent Unionist.

What is the definition of pro-slavery?

In favour of slavery.

What are three facts about Frederick Douglass?

He was a young boy in the northerns beaten almost killed but then he ran away from all of the drama and he wanted to end slavery as well because he was sick and tired of his family suffering from things so he wrote a novel and published it his self so after people reading his story when he was a child and about slavery aswell then people was agaisnt slavery so soonly the slavery was no longer apart in certain country and now it's a law.

What Historical facts about mississippe were in the 1930s?

A harsh place for black people Slavery had just finished but black people were still treated like slaves by white people

Were Mark Twain's parents pro-slavery or anti-slavery?

They were anti-slavery.