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Cows trod to treegap and that's how the roads to treegap were made

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this is correct!
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Treegap has16 acers of woods, meadows, and gardens!

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Q: What are facts about treegap?
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What is Treegap?

Treegap is a town in tuckeverlasting.

Where is treegap?


Is Treegap a place?

No, Treegap is not a real place. It is, however, a setting in the book Tuck Everlasting.

Where does Tuck Everlasting take place?

The setting of Tuck Everlasting is in Treegap, New Hampshire. It is the first week of August in Treegap.

When did Mae and tuck return to treegap?


What is the setting of the book tuck everlasting?


Where is the spring in Tuck Everlasting?

in the Treegap Woods

What is thesetting in Tuck Everlasting?

treegap, 1880

Who owns the treegap in tuck everlasting?

the fosters

Why is Mae tuck going to treegap?

she is going to treegap because she is going to meet her 2 sons miles & Jesse like she does every 10 years

Describe the setting of treegap in Tuck Everlasting?

i need the setting of Treegap and how it is described for a project my teacher gave me i need to make a brochure in the town of Treegap and i forgot my book in class but it is due on the day we get back in class and i will get a z on my grade so i need the setting or i am dead............. teachers teachers teachers

In what country is Treegap?

Woodstock, New York, USA

What does treegap mean?

The distance between trees in a forest.

What is the setting of treegap in Tuck Everlasting?

the setting is in my but crack.

Who made the road to treegap?

i dont nkow

How did the tucks return to treegap after seventy years?

he return on a motorcycle.

How do you describe treegap?

very mean

What was the town were Mae faced the gallows Tuck Everlasting?


When and where Tuck Everlasting set?

First week of August, town of Treegap

Whom owns the woos outside of treegap in Tuck Everlasting?

The fosters

How long has treegap been around in tuck everlasting?

87 years

Where did the man with the yellow suit hear about the Tucks in Tuck Everlasting?

In the treegap

Where do the tucks live in Tuck Everlasting the book?


What is the road to treegap like how does it change in Tuck Everlasting?

The road to Treegap was a path originally created by a herd of cows walking through. The cows walked in a long curvy path right road up to The Wood, however, once the cows reached The Wood, they made a sharp right turn and continued straight to what is now known as the town of Treegap. The road does not cut through The Wood, leaving The Wood untouched by humans.

Settings of Tuck Everlasting?

treegap the wood tucks house fosters house jail

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