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  • Maybe a fast thinking dessert is apple pie not from scratch. Or if you want a big dessert, make apple pie, ice-cream, Pecan Pie, and much more.
  • Take a big marshmallow, dip it in melted chocolate. Buy those striped cookies with a circle in the middle, stick chocolate covered marshmallow on top so chocolate is showing on cookie. It should look like a pilgrim hat.
  • Maybe the best dessert for Thanksgiving is probably pumpkin pie with whipped cream on top and a vanilla ice cream on the side.
  • If you're going for a classic, try pumpkin pie. But if you wanted to try something more interesting, you could make sweet potato pie or pumpkin souffle. Both recipes are easy and can be found on the internet.
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Q: What are good dessert recipe ideas for Thanksgiving?
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It's a good start for a savory dish as basil pairs nicely with sour elements (like tomato). Not a good recipe for dessert though.

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Sugar free dessert recipes are good for those who are diabetic or just trying to watch their sugar intake. Sugar free can be just as tasty as those with full amounts of sugar.

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