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Hypochondriacs are people that always feel there is something wrong with (some disease) and most constantly go to the doctor. They are in constant worry about their health. Marcy

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Q: What are hypochondriacs?
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What actors and actresses appeared in The Hypochondriacs - 1917?

The cast of The Hypochondriacs - 1917 includes: Sidney Drew

Can hypochondriac be cured?

Hypochondriacs will need to pay less attention to their aches and pains in order to "cure" themselves.

What do you call a person that is in pain all the time?

They used to be called hypochondriacs by uncompassionate doctors. Today many of them are diagnosed with fibromyalgia. There is now a name for it, but the cure is still illusive.

Living in constant fear of getting a disease is?

People with hypochondria, or hypochondriacs, have constant fears about getting a disease and may think common symptoms are signs of a disease when they might not be in reality.

What has the author James Gorman written?

James Gorman has written: 'Is it time to switch to flexography?' 'First aid for hypochondriacs' -- subject(s): First aid in illness and injury, Anecdotes, facetiae, satire

What symptoms do hypochondriacs have?

The symptoms reported can range from general descriptions of a specific illness to unusual complaints. In many instances the symptoms reflect intensified awareness of ordinary body functions, such as heartbeat, breathing, or stomach noises.

What does hypochondriac mean?

Hypochondria or hypochondriac: Pertains to suffering from hypochondria which is an excessive preoccupation or worry over ones own health. Some of the hypochondriacs have imagined conditions and others have chronic problems and they worry over the real problems too much.

Can being hypochondria cause you real symptoms?

Yes. Hypochondriacs often suffer from anxiety about their health. Anxiety can lead to many concerning symptoms: Headaches, muscle tension or spasms, nausea and vomiting, itching skin, rapid heartrate and heart attack symptoms, and can even cause the development of some allergies.

Are sociopaths hypochondriacs?

Sociopaths are not necessarily hypochondriacs. Hypochondria is a completely different mental disorder from antisocial personality disorder (sociopathy/psychopathy). Those with hypochondria excessively worry about having serious illnesses, often jumping from doctor to doctor to check for their diagnoses. On the other hand, despite the name, those with antisocial personality disorder are not always antisocial; they can actually be rather talkative people. Those with antisocial personality disorder often lack empathy for others and may participate in stealing or lying. Although hypochondria and antisocial personality disorder are different, it doesn't mean that someone can't be both a hypochondriac and a sociopath. Thus, the question you posed is not impossible, but sociopathy is not classified under hypochondria.

Is it possible to be just sick mentally?

Absolutely. Many hypochondriacs feel like they are sick, but physically nothing is wrong with them.It is also possible to be sick mentally in other ways, such as being depressed or under extreme stress, or things that are more serious.It is always good to see a doctor if you feel sick, mentally or physically.

What are some words describing senior citizens that start with the letter h?

* Happy * Hardy * Hectic * Humble * Hopeful * Helpless * Hypersensitive * Hackneyed * Halfwitted * Halfbaked * Hypochondriacs * Humdrum * Hotblooded * Humorous * Hardheaded * Hedonistic * Haughty * Hardboiled * Headstrong Gosh it seems like every term you can think of that can describe a Senior Citizen fits almost everyone in the world.

What disorder is when you self diagnose yourself with every disease you hear about?

Hypochondriasis - or hyponchondria is considered a health phobia. Typically, people with this disorder are preoccupied with their health and safety and often research diseases they think they have or think that they might have diseases that are being popularized by the media. However, this disorder is still rather serious, as hypochondriacs tend towards clinical depression, anxiety disorders, and other psychological disturbances. So, I wouldn't necessarily self-diagnose yourself with this disorder too.

Are fibromyalgia people fakers?

In a word no. The condition exists but on a far lesser scale than official figures. As there are no conclusive tests to diagnose fibromyalgia it is a favorite amongst hypochondriacs. Doctors have no option but to take a patients word as true and some patients greatly exaggerate their aches and pains therefore fibromyalgia is often misdiagnosed. The sadness of this is that those people who genuinely suffer from the disease are often seen as 'fakers' and the cost to the National Health Service (I reside in the UK) in wasted doctor hours and wasted prescriptions is massive.

What is a condition characterized by fearing the one has a serious illness despite appropriate medical evaluation and reassurance?

The phrasing of your question is a little off, but I think you might be referring to hypochondria. Hypochondriacs will believe often and strongly that they have or have contracted a disease or condition, with anxiety that can cause them to ignore evidence to the contrary (see: confirmation bias). A common situation may be noticing that their stomach hurts slightly after eating dinner a couple days in a row, and suddenly believing they have an ulcer or cancer, instead of perhaps simply eating too much curry.

What is the meaning of hypocondriac?

A hypochondriac is a person who "enjoys" being sick. They spend much of their time thinking about themselves and their bodies, and worry constantly about being sick or having something happen to them. They are obsessed with germs, diseases, illnesses, injuries, and other bodily complaints. Many times, these people worry about being sick so much that they actually make themselves feel bad, which is why doctors sometimes tell them that "it is all in your head." A hypochondriac can read about a disease, and will think that they have the symptoms of the disease, or they can convince themselves that something in their body is damaged or diseased. Therapy and medication can help hypochondriacs to stop worrying and enjoy their lives.

Why are there so many pharmacy's in Paris?

The Pharmacist is a very important figure in France; he is highly qualified, and is the first person you go to with a medical problem. As the French are great hypochondriacs and usually only need simple remedies that the pharmacist can supply, this is quite a profitable business. The pharmacist also has a hand in various routine medical procedures; for example, if you need a blood test, you will go to a nurse for the sampling, but to the pharmacy to collect the results. Finally, the pharmacist in France has an absolute monopoly of all medication other than the herbal; you cannot buy pain-killers in a French supermarket, you have to go to a pharmacy.

Is being in severe denial about your overall health considered being mentally incapable?

Depends on the health and how bad it is. Destructive Narcissists aren't "in denial" -- they literally live in a different reality. They punish anyone who gets in the way of that reality; in their opinion. Just like taking them to a psychiatrist, sometimes things have to be very bad for them to seek medical attention. Or, the extreme opposite -- they can be hypochondriacs rushing at every little thing. It's one or the other extreme. Stop trying to "talk sense" to them, they will only lash out. You can only hope they will either feel so lousy they will go on their own or something will happen that they end up in the hospital and you can ask their doctor to give them a thorough check-up. Good luck.

What is the survival rate for women with stage 3 ovarian cancer?

It depends on the constitution(physical,mental,genetic,immunological condition) of a person.In some cancer is very aggressive while in some it becomes dormant.Apart from surgery/radiation/herpestine therapy , patients who absolve it in their consciousness and are not hypochondriacs have a higher rate of survival than those who tend to be more concerned about it.Patients have led a full life even after 1st,2 nd & 3 rd state . It is no miracle but your own conditioning. 1. A complete psychological absolvement by self hypnosis/meditation( not commercial gurus of hyped spirituality/Zen or yoga). 2. Change in diet. 3. A simple de-stressed life 4.routine rigourous games/ simple exercises 5. get lot of good friends & enjoy life.

Has anyone ever experienced serotonin syndrome from mixing 15mg of dxm a gram of cannabis and 50mg of Fluoxetine which is generic Prozac?

"Anyone Ever?" That's hard to say. The symptoms of SS are somewhat easily mis-identified and vice versa (the latter usually self-diagnosis by hypochondriacs). It would likely be a fantastically low chance of adverse effect. Millions of people in the world are on SSRIs, and some of them must occasionally get sick, need cough medicine, and not die, otherwise we'd probably start seeing reports on the news. Cannabis has negligible SS inducing properties. Of course you should ask your physician (and no, he won't likely call the police, though maybe scold you for the pot habit), or better yet, try a college professor - if they aren't busy and you are genuinely interested, they will give you some good info.

Where is Cindy Adams columnist for the New York post?

ANOTHER health report: I have been deluged, as if I am Mt. Sinai, with questions as to the health of the New York Post's columnist Cindy Adams. There have been many rumors about Cindy's weeks-long absence. But I am happy to report she is getting better and will probably be back in place very soon.Cindy was an ultra-healthy woman and a Christian Scientist as well. She never went to doctors. Thus, when she lost her appetite and began feeling poorly she didn't, like the rest of us hypochondriacs, rush off to a doctor.It took the combined care of her two pals, the recuperating Barbara Walters and busy Judge Judy, to get doctors to Cindy, who was found with an almost burst appendix. Anyway, she is now on the mend - partly through the worry of her two good friends. This is good news, for what would we do without Cindy Adams!?

How do you choose the most reliable windows registry cleaner?

Talk to someone at a local computer shop. They will be able to tell what is best for your exact version and preferences. +++ Well, you could, but frankly you don't gain anything. What is the one thing Microsoft does not include in its system-maintenance applications? That's right: a "registry cleaner". If it was necessary MS would have either installed it by default or offered it as an extra. Keep the computer safe from pop-ups, gash "cookies", virii and other attacks etc. Clear old files especially internet history and other temporary clutter. If you move or delete a lot of files, run Windows' own disc-cleaning routine now and then (you won't need to use it often) to re-pack the files. I worked for a national organisation that supplied everyone with a PC linked to a very powerful and heavily-protected intranet: not once did we, or the network managers, have to run any so-called "registry cleaner". This thing about "registry cleaning" has been put up by independent software companies, and is exploited by fraudulent (scam) callers whose usual stratagem is a lie that "your computer has reported a fault". A common way to turn computer users into digital hypochondriacs, and one used by some scammers, is to lead them into a normally-hidden area of the OS, and open a registry-log file therein. This shows thousands of tasks among which are inevitably errors or missed points, but if the computer is still working properly... Leave well alone!

Is there a fibromyalgia diet?

There is a belief that diet can be the cause of the problem. But certain foods can make the condition worse. It once was also believed that spinach made you stronger, carrots gives you better eyesight, and spicy food gives you ulcers. Now there is some truth to these old wives tales like carrots are good for your eye site but will not improve it, Spinach will not make you stronger although it is good for you, and spicy food will not give you ulcers although it will aggravate them. I know they will find diet has little to do with fibromyalgia also. There is no diet to CURE fibromyalgia. Autoimmune technologies has recently found fibromyalgia patients to have an increase of anti-polymer antibodies. What this means is as clear as why those with Lupus or Rheumatory arthritis have an increase in certain antibodies but it is for sure that diet will not cure either of those diseases either.Just like there being some truths in the old wives tales listed above there may be some truths in diet helping or hurting those with fibromyalgia. Diet will not cure the disease, but someone eating unhealthy is not going to help the many symptoms that Fibromyalgia patients endure. A healthy diet may help with the irritable bowl syndrome, dizziness, sleeplessness, and possibly in some incidents the pain.For anyone to state that diet can cure or cause fibromyalgia is both inconceivably naive and inconsiderate propaganda. It has been an on going battle to get the medical society to accept fibromyalgia at all. They once believed it was all in the head of hypochondriacs, a scape goat for druggies, mental disorder/sleep disorder. This is a disease that there is no known cure. It is hard enough to get friends and families of the FM sufferers to understand the disease without spreading propaganda that diet and exercise can CURE fibromyalgia. [this is not to the poster but to the many sites spreading this lie] There is no known cure and finally after so many years there is now a blood test so those who suffer can get the medical attention they need. So yes just like with cancer, lupus, MS or any other disease there are aspects of exercise and diet that can make a fibromyalgia sufferer more or less comfortable but unfortunately a cure, is not so simple.Go to for more information on the test.

Can a seven-year-old workmen's comp back injury and fibromyalgia case possibly win?

Your probably need to speak with a lawyer, but my bet would be NO. Besides, I don't think anything can "give" you Fibromyalgia. In addition, the fact that most medical professionals don't really believe it exists (they see it as the scapegoat of pill junkies and hypochondriacs) might complicate things a little. The back injury may be a different story if you can collect resonable medical evidence close to the time of the supposed injury. (I.e. an X-Ray showing new damage from seven years ago).My advice--talk to a personal injury attorney. Your local phone book should have about 19,000,000 of them. They offer free consults--most over the phone or they will come to you.Fibro can, and often is the result of an injury. Saying that nothing can "give" you fibromyalgia is the same as saying nothing can give you post traumatic stess syndrome. If you have any question about winning a comp case search IWCC (Illinois workers comp comish) for Fibromyalgia and you will see it has happened (1999). It is difficult if you were diagnosed long after the accident. There has to be doctors that will testify to a causal connection. Find a comp attorney. Also, as far as medical proffessionals believing it exists; it is recognised by the AMA among other groups since the '80's. There is enough proof it exists if you do the research.I'd say that is a bit harsh of an answer to the persons question. My answer is definitely yes! The reason I say that is that I got both a disability settlement and S.S. disability after 8 years. I had a good attorney and a lot of personal conviction. I also learned to not listen to the nay sayers. It is easy to get wrapped up in what others, doctors etc, think or say. I knew how I felt and know it isn't a lie. It is something real. They just haven't got a handle on it. There are too many people who suffer with it, what ever you want to call it. It all boils down to pain, sometimes excruciating. As the person above suggests, it is good to document with a doctor. If it is worker's comp., you must tell the doctor. I don't really know your situation. If you want more specific data, let me know.

What are some examples of alliteration?

Alliteration is using the starting vowel or consonant repeatedly throughout a phrase. Alliteration in poetry is pleasing to the ear and emphasizes the words in which it occurs.ExamplesMickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse are alliteration because they both start with the letter "M".Scattering seagulls, daring dolphins, balanced banana, playful platypus, solemn Santa, juvenile Jack Frost, slumbering Sandman, marvelous Mother Nature, tired Tooth-FairyIn ''The Highwayman'' Alfred Noyes used the hard ''K'' sound to suggest the hard sound of a horse's hooves. "Over the cobbles he clattered and clashed in the dark inn yard."A more famous example is the first couple sentences of Vladimir Nabokov's novel Lolita: "Lolita, light of my life, fire of my loins. My sin, my soul. Lo-lee-ta; the tip of the tongue taking a trip of three steps down the palate to tap, at three, on the teeth. Lo. Lee. Ta.Another famous example of alliteration of the last 50 years was delivered by Spiro Agnew, Richard Nixon's first vice-president. Agnew told a San Diego audience in 1970 that "we have more than our share of nattering nabobs of negativism." Before he sat down, he also referred to "pusillanimous pussyfooters," "vicars of vacillation," and "the hopeless, hysterical hypochondriacs of history."Tongue-Twister AlliterationThere are several examples of sentences that are mostly alliteration.-- Peter Piper Picked A Peck of Pickled Peppers!-- Mary marveled at the magnificent monument.Alliteration PairsFor example: a busy bee, click clack, dipsy-doodle, flea-flicker, hem and haw, jumping jacks, money maker, naughty but nice, pitter patter, rough rider, slip 'n slide, trick or treat, wishy-washy.When used with a deft touch, such as in the phrase "clean coal," you create a memorable phrase without anyone really noticing the alliteration. By definition, though, it's hard to come up with examples of things nobody notices.

How do you manage your fibromyalgia?

There are many ways to manage your fibromyalgia. Over the counter analgesics do very little for the pain. A regimen of medicine from a doctor is the best management for all the symptoms that come with fibromyalgia such as pain, sleeplessness, and or anxiety. These symptoms can be managed, but not take away completely. A healthy diet and a moderate exercise program also helps in some ways. Last of all some people find some relief with acupuncture, massage treatments, and trigger point injections.Many things can manage your fibromyalgia but there is no cure from fibromyalgia. There are many places on line that offer a "cure". You can not eat, sleep, or exercise Fibromyalgia away.This propaganda helps so many to not take this disease seriously. Unfortunately there wasn't an actual test for this condition until recently, so there are many who claimed to be healed with food, acupuncture or physical therapy. Although some of these things can help temporarily they will not cure any true victim of FM. There is no diagnostic information that proves any of those people had fibromyalgia.Unfortunately for a long time Fibromyalgia has been a "catch all" diagnoses for wide spread pain and fatigue. Even though there are a copious amount of symptoms that go with this disease. Not until recently have they proven and linked all these symptoms to one disease [syndrome]. With so many people being misdiagnosed there are websites and books making millions off the true sufferers. A good diet and exercise program will help keep off weight which alone will help relive many symptoms. Obesity does not cause fibromyalgia but it definitely can make many of the symptoms worse. Nothing will cure Fibromyalgia, there is no known cure.If any of these books, diets, or vitamin packs worked to "CURE" you, then you are didn't have fibromyalgia after all! If you have most of the symptoms below don't bother wasting your money, instead spend money on the new blood test to test for FM [ for more information], or get a diagnoses from a rheumatologist and if you have fibromyalgia find a pain management doctor and find help from other sufferers not seeking your money. For anyone to state that diet can "CURE" fibromyalgia is both inconceivably naive and inconsiderate propaganda. It has been an on going battle to get the medical society to accept fibromyalgia at all. They once believed it was all in the head of hypochondriacs, a scape goat for druggies, mental disorder/sleep disorder. This is a disease that there is no known cure. It is hard enough to get friends and families of the FM sufferers to understand the disease without spreading propaganda that diet and exercise can CURE fibromyalgia.There is no known cure and finally after so many years there is now a blood test so those who suffer can get the medical attention they need. === Here are the symptoms of Fibromyalgia:[symptoms in bold are most common]=== * muscle pain throughout the body [many times crippling]* fatigue * tender points * morning stiffnes * headaches/migraines * irritable bowl syndrome/bladder irritability * unexplainable bruising * swelling of ankles/fluid retention* irritability or mood swings* mild depression * sleep disorders * numbness or tingling in hands or feet * paresthesias* anxiousness/anxiety attacks* chest pain/jaw pain/abdominal pain* memory loss/cognitive impairment* cold intolerance * dizziness* dry eyes, nose, or mouth * vision problems* Sensitivity to weather