What are hypochondriacs?

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Hypochondriacs are people that always feel there is something wrong with (some disease) and most constantly go to the doctor. They are in constant worry about their health. Marcy

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Q: What are hypochondriacs?
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What actors and actresses appeared in The Hypochondriacs - 1917?

The cast of The Hypochondriacs - 1917 includes: Sidney Drew

Can hypochondriac be cured?

Hypochondriacs will need to pay less attention to their aches and pains in order to "cure" themselves.

What do you call a person that is in pain all the time?

They used to be called hypochondriacs by uncompassionate doctors. Today many of them are diagnosed with fibromyalgia. There is now a name for it, but the cure is still illusive.

Living in constant fear of getting a disease is?

People with hypochondria, or hypochondriacs, have constant fears about getting a disease and may think common symptoms are signs of a disease when they might not be in reality.

What has the author James Gorman written?

James Gorman has written: 'Is it time to switch to flexography?' 'First aid for hypochondriacs' -- subject(s): First aid in illness and injury, Anecdotes, facetiae, satire

What symptoms do hypochondriacs have?

The symptoms reported can range from general descriptions of a specific illness to unusual complaints. In many instances the symptoms reflect intensified awareness of ordinary body functions, such as heartbeat, breathing, or stomach noises.

What does hypochondriac mean?

Hypochondria or hypochondriac: Pertains to suffering from hypochondria which is an excessive preoccupation or worry over ones own health. Some of the hypochondriacs have imagined conditions and others have chronic problems and they worry over the real problems too much.

Are sociopaths hypochondriacs?

Sociopaths are not necessarily hypochondriacs. Hypochondria is a completely different mental disorder from antisocial personality disorder (sociopathy/psychopathy). Those with hypochondria excessively worry about having serious illnesses, often jumping from doctor to doctor to check for their diagnoses. On the other hand, despite the name, those with antisocial personality disorder are not always antisocial; they can actually be rather talkative people. Those with antisocial personality disorder often lack empathy for others and may participate in stealing or lying. Although hypochondria and antisocial personality disorder are different, it doesn't mean that someone can't be both a hypochondriac and a sociopath. Thus, the question you posed is not impossible, but sociopathy is not classified under hypochondria.

Can being hypochondria cause you real symptoms?

Yes. Hypochondriacs often suffer from anxiety about their health. Anxiety can lead to many concerning symptoms: Headaches, muscle tension or spasms, nausea and vomiting, itching skin, rapid heartrate and heart attack symptoms, and can even cause the development of some allergies.

Is it possible to be just sick mentally?

Absolutely. Many hypochondriacs feel like they are sick, but physically nothing is wrong with them.It is also possible to be sick mentally in other ways, such as being depressed or under extreme stress, or things that are more serious.It is always good to see a doctor if you feel sick, mentally or physically.

What are some words describing senior citizens that start with the letter h?

* Happy * Hardy * Hectic * Humble * Hopeful * Helpless * Hypersensitive * Hackneyed * Halfwitted * Halfbaked * Hypochondriacs * Humdrum * Hotblooded * Humorous * Hardheaded * Hedonistic * Haughty * Hardboiled * Headstrong Gosh it seems like every term you can think of that can describe a Senior Citizen fits almost everyone in the world.

What disorder is when you self diagnose yourself with every disease you hear about?

Hypochondriasis - or hyponchondria is considered a health phobia. Typically, people with this disorder are preoccupied with their health and safety and often research diseases they think they have or think that they might have diseases that are being popularized by the media. However, this disorder is still rather serious, as hypochondriacs tend towards clinical depression, anxiety disorders, and other psychological disturbances. So, I wouldn't necessarily self-diagnose yourself with this disorder too.

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