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This is a huge question! Can you refine it? Important dates from what/whose point of view? Battles/wars? Social reform? Political? Royal?

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What is more important in history-events persons or dates?

anything is important in history events

One important event in British Columbia's history?

when they go

What are some important dates in New York's history?

important dates in new york historymy advice would be to look at or

What are important dates in Belgium's history?

my nan

Important dates in history of religion Christianity?


What did Winston Churchill do to be important to british history?

He was a Officer, Statesman, and writer. He fought the war away from the British with help

Why dates is important in history?

As history is all about knowing the past, it is important to know what has happened as well as when it has happen. It is the dates which give us the idea of time at which various events unfolded in the past. Also by knowing about the dates of important events in history of different civilizations and cultures a comparative study of important historical events can be done.

What are some important dates in Italian history?

One important date in Italian history is March 1861, the date on which the country was founded.

What is the importance of dates in history?

dates are important b,coz they organize dates in a systematic or a chronological way

What are some important dates about history in Florida?

july 4th

What are some important dates in history in Romania?

look at timeline..

What are some important dates in German history?

Please see the link for a timeline of German history.

Why is the British North American Act important in Canadian history?

It made Confederation legal.

What is history and why is it important to study history?

History is the collection of past people, events, and dates that have left an impact on civilization. It's important to study history to avoid past mistakes and to learn lessons.

What are the most important dates in french history?


What are the most important dates in California history?

1848 1853 1854

What are some important dates in Neptune's history?

1846: Discovery of Neptune

How is font canning important to Singapore's history?

Fort Canning is where the British surrendered to Japan in 1942

Why is the American revolution important in Canada's history?

if they didn't the british will go to the americans women and rapped them

Why are dates important in history?

They are important because that it is how they catalogue items. Also it is one of the greatest parts of information about something in history is how old something is it. If you know the date of something then you can find a lot of information about it. So dates are important in history because without them, a lot of information about an artefact would be unknown.

What did Paul Revere do to warn the colonst and how important was it in American history?

Paul Revere rode a horse around saying the British are coming the British are coming, and it was an important part of American history because warning the people helped us get ready for when they came by sea.

Who said 1066 and 55BC the only dates worth remembering in british history?

PG Wodehouse

What are the five most important historical events in Vermont history?

maybe one of the important dates was 1995?

Why is Eid important?

eid is Arabic word meaning festival/celebrating and are for Important dates in history of Islam.

What is an important dates in history in Greece?

lots of very,very,very,very uberly awesome dates