What are micro tears in muscle?

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The destruction of the micro-filaments (actin, myosin) in a muscle cell that enable it to contract. The destruction of these filaments prevent the function of that muscle cell. A large amount of micro tears in a large amount of muscle cells contributes to the soreness present during weight training and is what triggers the body into producing stronger muscles.
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What is a micro?

Answer . its short for micron. its a method of measurement. very, very short. smaller than a mm.

What is micro?

Micro is an English prefix of Greek origin that refers to an object as being smaller than an object or scale of focus, in contrast with macro. micro- is a prefix in the SI and other systems of units denoting a factor of 10^−6 or 0.000001 (one millionth). Some examples of the prefix "micro" ( Full Answer )

What are tears?

swet and water put together and they come out of your eyes when your really sad.

What are muscles?

Muscles are tissues composed of fibers, the contraction of which produces movement in the body.

Why do you have muscles?

without them you wouldn't be able to move around, breathe or even keep your heart pumping.

What is a muscle?

A muscle is tissue designed to create forces that allow motion. A muscle is a part of your body that moves you . they help you lift up things they are acctuey in your arm if you break one it will flippin hurt trust me it will dont brake it and dont reallt pull on it

What does muscles do for me?

make your body move and function. The Brain sends electrical pulses to a certain part of the body telling the muscle to contract, then you move. Your brain cant type on a key board, but it can tell your hands to.

What are in tears?

I got this from dictionary.com-. a drop of the saline, watery fluid continually secreted by the lacrimal glands between the surface of the eye and the eyelid, serving to moisten and lubricate these parts and keep them clear of foreign particles. 2. this fluid appearing in or flowing from the eye as ( Full Answer )

What effect will the tearing of a tendon have on its corresponding muscle?

The corresponding muscle will shrink due to the decreased activity tendon. This is because when the tendon is torn the area around the tendon will not be in very much use until the tendon is repaired which can take a good while unless professionally handled. The muscle will go back to its original s ( Full Answer )

How do you tear your muscle?

You cut them with a scissor or a knife. I don't care if this is being rude... HAHAHA

Why is there tears?

The tears are there to wash the sadness away. Some days you will look someone in the eyes and think "we are so alike you and I, I think I love you", and they'll be like "stop staring at me dude or I'll ask the driver to throw you off the bus" and you will feel sadness growing upwards from your toe ( Full Answer )

How do you heal a muscle tear?

You can't heal it; tearing this is often seen as fatel, I suggest you go to your local hospital before you grow an extra leg

What is a tearing of a muscle or tendon called?

Rotator cuff tears are tears of one or more of the four tendons of the rotator cuff muscles. A rotator cuff injury can include any type of irritation or damage to the rotator cuff muscles or tendons. .

What is the worst thing to do when you tear a muscle in your leg?

to walk on it you should relax or use cruthes to guide yourslef around. The worst thing to do would be to keep using the muscle when you already know it's torn. You damage the muscle more if you keep applying pressure to it. The best thing to do is to rest, add ice, apply compression, and elevate t ( Full Answer )

How easy can I re-tear my labral muscle after surgery?

A Labrum is not a muscle, Its an area of connective tissue around a joint such as the shoulder or hip, which increases surface area of the joint and aids stability. In both cases (muscle or Labral), after surgery, re-injury is more likely than in a patient who has had not previous history of problem ( Full Answer )

What is caused by tearing of the muscle?

tearing the muscle is actually your muscle getting stronger make sure to drink protein before and after a work out to rebuild the muscle

What is it called when a muscle tears in your left leg and blood starts cloting too?

A muscle fiber tear and a blood clot. There is no other name for such things. If you damage large enough blood vessels, you can form a very large visible bruise known as a 'hematoma.' But, whenever you tear any blood vessel, even tiny capillaries, as you would when you tear a muscle, you get some am ( Full Answer )

A sports hernia is tear of the muscles in which part of the body?

I had a sports hernia (no bulge) and it was painful whenever I used my stomach muscles even at night in bed trying to roll over. Rest would help for a short time, but I wanted to continue to train and not baby it. This happened over and over. I wanted to avoid surgery if at all possible so I researc ( Full Answer )

How do you heal micro tears?

The body heals micro tears on its own. All you can do is rest and not lift any weights for at least 48 hours. Water also helps feed the muscles.

How does micro tear in muscle fibres occur?

At the smallest level, the myosin heads and the actin filaments are pulled from the myofibrils. This damage causes a release of chemicals that causes the soreness after a workout. This happens when the muscle is lifting more weight than what all the myofibrils can hold. This can happen at certain po ( Full Answer )

What are the Definitions of micro-operation micro instruction and micro-program?

Registers, Microoperations and Introduction Execution UNIT 2 REGISTERS, MICRO-OPERATIONS AND INSTRUCTION EXECUTION Structure Page No. 2.0 Introduction 31 2.1 Objectives 31 2.2 Basic CPU Structure 32 2.3 Register Organization 34 2.3.1 Programmer Visible Registers 2.3.2 Status and ( Full Answer )

What happens when you pull or tear a muscle?

it hurts very bad and will need some time to heal its self if its a bad tear then u might need doctors to go in and look at it with a camera or a scope

What muscles are there?

There are three basic types of muscle: smooth, skeletal, and cardiac. Smooth muscles are part of organs like the intestines, skeletal muscles are connected to bones, and cardiac muscles makes up most of the heart.

Is the Trail of Tears made out of tears?

No, this is a metaphor. The Trail of Tears was such a horrible chapter in US history. Thousands of people from the tribes who were force relocated died along the way. They were treated so poorly, and pushed so hard, that the various routes taken were collectively known as "The Trail Where We Cried" ( Full Answer )

Stretching microscopically tears down muscle tissue?

Not inherently, no. Stretching a muscle means that the muscle is lengthening, it is stretching from a given position of shortness. Muscles CAN tear during a stretch, this is certainly a risk. This depends on a lot of factors, like how far it is being stretched, the amount of passive tension in the ( Full Answer )

Do you have tears forever and how are tears made?

Tears are made in the lacrimal glands and are a mixture of oils and water. If you don't have tears it can cause issues with your eyes becoming too dry. here is a wikipedia site about dry eye syndrome follow the link for more info!

Why do we have muscles?

We have muscles so you are able to lift things and do everything we do on a daily bases .

Can stretching prevent muscles from micro-tears?

stretching cant prevent micro tears, but it can help in repairing them. for the bests results, do an aerobic activity first to get your blood flowing, then stretch to allow the blood to fill the micro tears. sourness is also caused by the swelling of the muscles caused by the micro tears. stretching ( Full Answer )

Do sprains involve tearing of the muscle fibers?

They can, yes. This may be helpful: Degrees A sprain is generally detected by using Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) and is graded into four main degrees: 1. Minor tear or stretch of your ligament 2. A tear of your ligament that is often followed by pain or swelling 3. A complete ruptu ( Full Answer )

What effect of exercise on micro tears?

Thye effects that exercise has on micro tears is that when you exercise the muscles tear and this creates space in the muscle for growth and thisa is how the muscles get bigger and more powerful

How is the trail of tears the trail of tears?

Many died and cried while they were walking because they were in such poor conditions. ------------------------------------------------------------------------- It is said that those who witnessed the Native American prisoners forcibly relocated at gunpoint were saddened by what they saw. They ( Full Answer )

Is it possible to tear your quad muscle How can i know?

Quadriceps muscle is one of the strongest muscle of the body, but yes it can tear. Quadricpes muscle originates from the femur the thigh bone and inserts into the knee cap bone patella and then it goes down further to insert onto the leg bone or tibia. The main function of the muscle is extension ( Full Answer )

What type of injury can be a strain or tear on any of the three muscles that straighten the hip and bend the knee?

Hamstring injury 'STRAIN' is damage to a muscle or tendon (whereas a 'sprain' is ligamentous and has different symptoms; there are more than 3 muscles that straighten the hip and bend the knee, but it sounds like you're talking about the hamstring group. I'd commonly call it a hamstring strain. ( Full Answer )

Is this a tear and tears homophone or homograph?

Tear (a hole or split in something caused by it having been pulledapart forcefully) and tear (a drop of clear salty liquid secretedfrom glands in a person's eye when they cry or when the eye isirritated) are homographs. The first is a homophone of tare. The second is a homophone of tier.

What Do you to get a muscle?

Working out is the best answer, You should do 10 to 50 pushups a day and 10 to 20 sit ups every day. Hope that helped 😊😊😊