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their should be a fan in the front or the van attached to the raditor if that went bad that would cause it to get very hot beacse it isent sucking the hot air out of the motor or the exaust system isent blowing out

Although this could be very possible, I would also check the engine oil for signs of milkiness. If your oil looks somewhat like coffee with creamer in it ....... then it is very likely that your intake manifold gasket let loose and the coolant is mixing with the oil. If this is the case and you are not already to late, stop driving the van immediately ! The coolant in the oil will not only reduce the oils ability to lubricate the engine hence more friction and allot more HEAT but,, the combination of the coolant in the oil creates an acid that will eat at the surfaces of your engine.

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The low specific heat capacity of air causes it to?

absorb or release small amounts of heat, changing its temperature dramatically.

What are the possible causes in the global temperature rise?

Air Pollution

What causes your car to shut down while driving?

A lot of possible causes, I recommend a careful investigation.

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What causes your car to surge while driving on the freeway?

It is possible it is one of the speed sensors.

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What are possible causes for an 02' Mercury Sable to lose power while driving with either the AC or heat turned on?

== ==

Would the service engine light come on if engine temperature sensor is bad?

That is one of many possible causes.

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Lack of sleep, weather conditions, time of day, night time driving. If this is a company then lack of breaks from driving, failure to follow DOT guidelines.

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when the engine dies

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some possible causes are careless and..............

What causes the air bag light to turn on and off while driving a 2005 dodge ram?

There is an intermittent failure in the safety restraint system. You will need to have the system checked for codes to know possible causes.There is an intermittent failure in the safety restraint system. You will need to have the system checked for codes to know possible causes.

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It is possible for plants that have identical genetic make-up to show differences due to genetic causes of variation such as mutations,meiosis and sexual reproduction and environmental causes of variation such as nutrients,and temperature.

What are the possible causes of brief high temperature readings in your automobile?

If the temperature goes up and down and the coolant level is ok your thermostat is probably sticking. Replace the thermostat and you should solve the problem.

What limits the maximum temperatures possible in metamorphism?

The maximum temperature that creates metamorphism is the temperature just below that which causes a rock to melt. Once a rock melts, then solidifies, it is considered an igneous rock.

What natural driving force causes ice to melt spontaneously at room temperature?

Natural driving force causing ice to melt spontaneously at room temperature is the atmospheric pressure of nature.That and the fact that room temperature is well above freezing , one can put all the pressure one wants on ice , but until it rises above 0 deg. C , it will not melt. So temperature is the main factor , not pressure.

Check engine light comes on after 5-10min of driving on the streets but not if you make it to the freeway?

You need to have the system checked for codes to know possible causes.

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There can be three possible causes of an increase in the pressure of a confined gas: -- More gas is pumped in. -- The temperature inside the container is increased. -- The volume of the container is reduced, as with a piston.

Can it be the heat sensor on the vehicle that can light up the check engine light?

That is one of dozens of possible causes.That is one of dozens of possible causes.

What causes temperature change between winter and summer?

revolution of earth around the sun causes the variation in the temperature..

What causes temperature gauge to flucuate?

Temperature Fluctuation simply

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