What are possible causes of a 1998 Chevy Astro vans temperature to rise dramatically when driving wife claims she saw a purple liquid under the van and since then when driving the temp gets very hot?


their should be a fan in the front or the van attached to the raditor if that went bad that would cause it to get very hot beacse it isent sucking the hot air out of the motor or the exaust system isent blowing out

Although this could be very possible, I would also check the engine oil for signs of milkiness. If your oil looks somewhat like coffee with creamer in it ....... then it is very likely that your intake manifold gasket let loose and the coolant is mixing with the oil. If this is the case and you are not already to late, stop driving the van immediately ! The coolant in the oil will not only reduce the oils ability to lubricate the engine hence more friction and allot more HEAT but,, the combination of the coolant in the oil creates an acid that will eat at the surfaces of your engine.