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How long have you owned vehicle? Has it been in any accidents? What have you replaced in vehicle? Are yuu aware of any serious problems with vehicle? How often has it been maintained?

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Q: What are questions you might want to ask the previous owner of a used car?
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Does a usb cord come with a used wii?

Depends on if the previous owner kept it.

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Depends on the shooter, the ammo and the barrel.Edit: Correct, also, if you're looking for a used Husqvarna 22LR the previous owner might have used corrosive ammo.

Is a used 97 Buick century custom a good car to purchase?

Yes, if it was taken care of by the previous owner.

Does the Sierra Denali come with a DVD system already installed?

This depends on where you purchase the Sierra Denali from. The basic model will not have the DVD system already installed, you will have to custom order it to have it. If you are buying used, it might have it installed if the previous owner had it.

What kind of problems are associated with purchasing a used tractor from a private owner?

You have to always make should when buying a used tractor or a similar device, that the previous owner its a good reliable source, but the must common problem with used tractor is maintenance.

Do the people at gamestop delete the memory of your used game for you?

I would say no. Any used game that I have bought from gamestop had previous data from the past owner.

Is it safe to but a used car from the owner?

It is usually safe to buy a used car from the owner, but there are some pitfalls you need to be aware of. There is a list of questions you should ask before committing yourself to a sale.

What exactly is a used Peugeot 206?

A Peugeot 206 is a type of automobile. It is a car of the hatchback variety. A used Peugeot 206 is one of these automobiles that has had a previous owner.

Can you refund a used car?

No. No previous owner would want to refund their used car after selling it to someone else. It was also based on their agreement that no refund will gonna happen.

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The narrator believes that a previous owner of the bird very often used the word 'nevermore' when complaining.

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Able to solve new questions (not previously encountered). Able to learn from previous experience.

Is there a cosumer rights act if you bought a faulty used car without a warranty?

only if you can prove the previous owner knew about the problem, but neglected to tell you about it.

Car purchased used -- previous owner could have made an additional key. Vehicle is NOT secure from access by previous owner and I need to change the cars compute code. HOW?

If this can be done to your car only the dealer can do it. The cost will vary from dealer to dealer and manufacturer to manufacturer. You will have to call the dealer and ask.

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Are 1998 Toyota Camry LE' reliable?

If a previous owner tool care of the car. Yes, it's one of the best used cars which you can ever get.

What is the price range for a used Lifted Silverado?

"The price range for a used Lifted Silverado can cost anywhere between $5000 to $10000, depending on the model and how well the previous owner took care of it."

Can your car be repossessed if you hold the title?

Yes, if you took a loan out and used your car as collaterol, then it can be taken away. If you own the title free and clear, then it cannot be taken from you. Only if you owe money on it or the previous owner owes money on it. If the previous owner has an outstanding debt on the car and sells it to you without you knowing about the debt then the car can still be repo'd.

What exactly is Used Backhoe?

A backhoe is a machine that is meant for moving earth. It can dig with the bucket from the back or move material with the bucket on the front. A used one means that it has had a previous owner and is no longer brand new.

What should I have a mechanic check before I buy a used pickup?

The tires, fuses, gaskets, pipes, transmition, and engine. Aslo you should ask the previous owner about the mileage.

How do you factory reset Microkorg?

I just bought a used Microkorg synthesize. The previous owner added patches that I don't want. How do I reset it to the factory settings as if it were brand new?

Can new Homeowner file a claim against General Contractor Liability Insurance for work done for previous home ownwer that caused property damaged recently discovered by new owner of the house?

No. You, (The new owner) was not a party to the contract between the previous homeowner and the trade contractor. The contractor has no obligation to a subsequent owner with whom he did not contract or make warranty. It's no different than when you buy a used car. You would have no recourse for work you might consider substandard against a mechanic that did repairs for the previous owner because you did not own the property at that time and were not a party to the repair agreement. Hopefully you purchased a home warranty through your realtor when you purchased the home they are very inexpensive. Your recourse would be to file a claim on the home warranty offered to you when you made your home purchase.

Why wont the Horn does not to work on a 1996 Honda accord?

A horn might not work on a 1996 Honda Accord because of a blown fuse. There is also the possibility that the wire was cut or damaged. The horn is part of the security system. A used car might have the horn wire cut because the previous owner was annoyed by the horn blaring when someone came near the car.

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Would it be wise to purchase a used john Deere?

Provided that the previous owner took care of his machine, there is nothing wrong with purchasing a used John Deere. These machines are well known for their durability and long-lasting.