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"I have been using the Kathy Smith Pregnancy Workout video since I was 3 months and find it quite beneficial. I was never an exercise fanatic, but find doing it three times a week makes me sleep better, and I believe has curbed my weight gain (not that I'm obsessing about weight during pregnancy). Exercise is always a good thing!"
"I like the Fit For 2 video. I found it more challenging than the Kathy Smith tape, but not as strenuous as my non-pregnancy tapes. It also talks about the guidelines for exercise during pregnancy, so when I go to a class at the gym, I can modify it to make it safe for me (a great thing since the instructors at the club don't seem to know what to do with a pregnant woman!). I especially like the ab workout and the relaxation part at the end. Lisa Stone (the instructor) is so energetic and the music is very upbeat (great after a long day at work) and the choreography is straightforward and fun."
"I used Kathy Smith's pregnancy workout a few times. I checked it out from a local library. I liked it a lot - it flowed better than the Buns of Steel video, and the instructor kept me interested. Music was a bit peppier too, and choreography was more professionally done."
"The Fit for 2 Step Aerobic Workout for Pregnancy video is the best I have seen. Lisa is enthusiastic, knowledgeable and supportive. I use it at home without a step and still get a great workout. It is nice to learn about the ACOG guidelines and realize that Lisa is following the most recent information they provide. It helped get back into shape after our son was born also." ?
My favorite workout video is Karyne Steben's "The Perfect Pregnancy Workout". I thought Kathy Smith's was a bit outdated, wished Shiva Rea would stop talking for just a MINUTE and couldn't stand Denise Austin's. I didn't try the step workout, so I can't say. Karyne's worried me a bit because she's from Cirque du Soleil, but when I saw her before and after pictures on her website, I couldn't resist! The workout is great- it's no-impact and works every muscle in my body. It really helped the Back pain that crept in and wouldn't go away.I felt really ready when I went in to deliver. I've just started working out with her postnatal video and my daughter really likes it! It's fun because I can really play with her and forget about how hard I'm working.
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Q: What are recommendations for a pregnancy workout video?
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Avoiding New Diets That Could Be Harmful?

>Oprah's Weight Loss WorkoutNo one is perfect. This doesn't just apply to life in general, but it applies to exercise routines as well. Over time, your routine may grow stagnant or uninteresting, and that can lead to you just abandoning it altogether out of boredom. Of course, you want to avoid that, but it sometimes doesn't seem like there are a lot of options. While a personal trainer is the best course of action for you if you're in this kind of workout malaise, the next best thing is to use a workout video to get ideas that can enhance your workout, and the motivation to keep going.The most obvious benefit of a workout video is that it will help you come up with ideas for your own workout regimen. It won't just help you to come up with ideas, but a workout video will also generally include instructions for doing the exercise properly so you don't hurt yourself. While some of these exercises may come to you very intuitively, others may be a little difficult to wrap your head around without a little extra pushing. For that, a workout video can really end up being worth every penny.The best workout video will be one that gives you basic, common sense workouts to help you get more fit. This can be anything from simple calisthenics to moderate levels of aerobics. There is also a classification of workout video that concerns itself mostly with instruction that relates to a specific exercise. These aren't meant so much as a "regimen" but more as an education that you can apply to your unique, personalized workout regimen. After all, a little information goes a long way when you're getting your workout routine set.In the end, the amount of use you get out of your workout video will depend on a lot of different things. Since you're still doing your workout mostly on your own when you use a workout video, it'll take some common sense on your part to make sure you're doing the exercises safely, and to evaluate whether or not the exercises are worth doing in the first place.

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