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She will refuse to feed them so watch closely. You can feed the kitten(s) by yourself. Talk to your vet about this.

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Q: What are signs a mother cat is rejecting her kittens?
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Why is your mother cat rejecting one of her kittens?

Maybe the kitten is smaller than the others or is missing fur.

What is the name of a mother cat nursing kittens?

A mother cat nursing kittens is known as a "queen".

How to find mother cat hidden kittens?

When a mother cat has kittens, it usually goes away to give birth to them so if you are looking for them, make sure the mother cat is at home before trying to look for the kittens.

Most kittens a cat ever had?

the most kittens a mother cat had ever had was 420!!

What to do if your cat had kittens outside?

well, i think it depends. does your cat let you hold her kittens? if so, you could take the kittens inside the house and show the mother cat that her kittens are there. if your cat doesn't let you hold her kittens then you could keep a close eye on the kittens then take them inside the house when the mother cat isn't there or let the mother cat keep her kittens there. you could also call the animal shelter but if the kittens are too young they'll have to take the mother cat too. well i hope i helped and good luck :)

How do you know if your cat is rejecting her kittens?

Your Cat will stop taking care of them and might move her other Kittens somewhere else. If this happens ask your local vet for help.

Why does mother cat scream and attack kittens?

The mother cat killed her kittens. She then let her 8 week old kittens nurse her. Rhen she tried to kill them. She screams like a wild cat.

Will mother cat harm her kittens?

mother cats will sometimes harm there kittens if they feel danger.

Why is your cat is leaving her kittens alone?

This could be signs of neglect in the mother cat, if something has happened to her to change her personality in any way it could be a sigh of neglect.

Can the male cat be with the female cat who has kittens?

Yes, provided the mother cat tolerates the male cat and they are supervised at all times. Never leave another cat that isn't the mother alone with the kittens on their own.

Is it ok if the dad cat comes near the newborn kittens?

Generally speaking, the mother cat will not allow the father cat near the kittens.

What is the name of a mother nursing her kittens?

A mother cat can be called a "Queen"

Where do six week old kittens originate?

The mother cat gives birth to the kittens.

What helps a mother cat produce milk for her kittens?

the kittens push on the mothers belly

What gets into a garage and carries off kittens?

The mother cat probably moved her kittens.

Why do mother cat kill-their kittens?

They don't.

How do kittens survive?

The mother cat feeds and nurtures them.

Is it unusual for a mother cat to have bleeding after she has kittens?


Does the mother cat leave her kittens if they have worms?


What is it called when a mother cat is nursing her kittens?


Should you move a new mother cat and her kittens?


Would a mother cat kill her kittens?


How long do kittens feed from mother cat?


How much help does a mother cat need with her kittens?


What does a mother cat eat after giving birth?

After a cat gives birth to kittens, it is her duty to clean the newborns off. The mother cleans them by eating the sack off of the kittens.