What are some causes of a broken family?

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Factors that break up a family:
  • The spouses fall out of love with each other.
  • Financial pressure.
  • One spouse wanted children and the other didn't but they have children.
  • One spouse who is not capable of commitment.
  • Cheating.
  • Psychological disorders such as major depression and the person will not go for help.
  • If the husband works long hours or works out of town and the wife seldom sees her husband and has a heavy load of raising their children.
  • Sometimes having an over-bearing mother or mother-in-law living with the couple.
  • A male partner that is lethargic about finding work to support his family.
  • Alcoholism; drugs; hanging out in a gang.

It's possible that when the parents of children split or divorce, it can effect the studies of their children.

  • The Husband or the Wife has committed immorality or cheated on each other with a third party.
  • They don't have any faith in the midst of a financial crisis.
  • Retaining some vices that depletes your time for the family, which will slowly eat up your relationship to your family.
  • Focusing much on the career and forgetting your family.
  • Failing to understand the limits of your family and having less support to cheer up.

Too many arguments that might lead to divorce and the parents divide their children. But I believe its mostly cause by drugs or money. Too much money leads to arguments and greediness which causes to forget about love and divorce. Too poor leads to depression and arguments and feels like they have to split up and start over. Drugs messes with someones head and they mostly die or the family leaves that person behind for the cause of the children's growing. But its not all parents, some teenagers runs away from home, of course, with their own reasoning. Some parent's children die and it causes them to split. For the cause of the child's growing, they divorce and find some place else . Or sometimes, its work. Not working too much or a workaholic may lead up for a broken family. Or if someone dies, then of course they're broken inside the most.

Though your answer is very good, I think you miss one detail. Another cause for a broken family, is abuse. Maybe the parents or parent hits the kids, and wife. Or maybe the son hits the parents.

I think that is a very big reason in why many family's are broken.

Yes, still there's one detail also that you may include, when the relatives of each party join to the problem or favors a parties (and sometimes it's the parents of each party will suggest to them to separate). Or because the husband or wife having an affair. That's why many FAMILIES break up.

Hi guys, this is my own opinion; maybe one of the reasons of family break up is the wife is very secretive to his husband for all times, and lack of trust in each parties. And there's one more if the wife didn't respect there husband due to high salary compare to a head of the family there will be conflict. And guys lastly Jealousy is one of the big reason why there's so many BROKEN FAMILY, but its OK if the wife understands the husband feelings and avoid the person that he' jealous of. But if not we are guys only knows what is the next part of our lives.

ALL of the above are true reasons that family's break up, and there are many variations on these situations. They all have one thing in common, they're all examples of breaking, ignoring, or ignorance of the basic rules for a good marriage: Trust, communication, common goals, and realistic expectations.

I do believe that most people have some understanding of these rules but unrealistic beliefs about marriage or an unrealistic image of their partner are their biggest pitfalls. When people get married with illusionary images, they end up disappointed, blaming the partner, or settling for less than these attributes, then the relationship starts to crumble and it's almost impossible to go back and apply the rules.

Most of the above examples of marital failures are symptoms of problems that the individual or couple haven't confronted; they are ways of dealing with the resulting emotions and not the problem. Everyone's life has difficulties, disappointments, hardships, and tragedies. When you start a marriage without the basic foundation (rules) and too many misconceptions (we all have some), you don't have the tools you need to deal with the normal vicissitudes in life.

Death. I thought this was another factor that people have missed. Sometimes you have a great, loving family. Certain things can happen, the mother or father may die and with them goes a big chunk of what makes them a family. The family may feel broken. Expressing love may be harder than it should be with only one adult, especially if that adult happens to be a male raising a daughter. Things are missing that can never grow back or be replaced. This is what happened to my family, and I hope my answer doesn't clash with the others.

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