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There were posters with movie stars, like Rita Hayworth, who would have slogans like, "Drive carefully, my bumpers are on the scrap heap." This encouraged people to help with the war effort and give their scraps to the scrap drives.

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Q: What are some examples of US propaganda during World War 2?
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When did propaganda begin?

Propaganda began some time during world war II between 1889 and1945.

What are some examples of bandwagon propaganda in animal farm?


What are some examples of testimonial?

Examples of testimonial propaganda is like Jenifer Hudson advertises Weight Watchers.

What are some examples propaganda poems?

Poetry has been used extensively as a form of propaganda. Whose for the game by Jessie Pope was circulated during World War I. Maybe for Some Young Mamas by Alicia Ostriker was written in the 1970s to oppose feminism. The Song of the Faithful was a cumulative poem written by various members of the Austrian Hitler Youth praising the Fuhrer.

What is some examples of bandwagon?

A bandwagon propaganda is saying that everyone is doing it, and so should you.

What are some examples of propaganda that you see used today?

The Navy,Army, and Marines commercials, election campaigns, Nike's "Just Do It" slogan, and most media coverage of foreign affairs are all examples of propaganda.

What are some detailed examples of propaganda in Uncle Tom's Cabin by Harriet Beecher Stowe?

The entire story of Uncle Tom's Cabin is often considered to be a piece of abolitionist propaganda.

What are some examples of snob appeal propaganda in animal farm?

All animals are equal, but some are more equal than others.

What did the Hollywood stars and movies do during world war 2?

Many of the actors served in the US military and Hollywood produced some patriotic and propaganda films.

What are some examples of repetition propaganda in current politics?

amvot ala ko kahibalo sowe kaa u

What kind of propaganda was used during the cold war?

Cutting down (Insulting) of Soviet made equipment sometimes was propaganda; some of their tanks may have been inferior to US tanks, but they were simple and effective. Consequently, some of that information may have been propaganda.

What were some of the propaganda of World War 1?

PROPAGANDA found in a 5 grade book and the real meaning propaganda is systematic effort to spread opinions or beliefs was a key element of cold war

What was one result of America propaganda during world war 1?

I think if anything Hollywood has shown that it is a house of innovation and not necessarily a propaganda machine. I think films have proven to be a forum of entertainment and thought. They general underline the goodness of humanity, not its worst. While some films may contain propaganda it is far from its worst.

What were the key features of Mussolini's dictatorship?

Benito Mussolini was the dictator in charge of Italy during World War II. Some of the key features during his rule included a police state, public construction, and propaganda.

How did Disney Studios survive World War 2?

During the war, as theater attendance (and thus, profits) dropped, Walt Disney and his studio switched over to making propaganda films for the US government. Some of the films were for helping to train the US military; others were simply anti-Axis propaganda. Some of these are in the public domain now, and can be found online on sites like Youtube. A couple examples are "Education for Death" and "Der Fuehrer's Face".

What were some second world war propaganda films produced by Warner Brothers?

Some second world war propaganda films produced by Warner Brothers were The Casablanca as well as This is the Army, Mission to Moscow and Yankee Doodle Dandy.

What was propaganda in the world wars?

is something to make some one believe like commercials

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What are some examples of propaganda in Animal Farm?

1) The song, "Beasts of England" 2) The slogan, "Four legs, good! Two legs, bad!"

What are some examples of transfer propaganda used in animal farm?

The possibility of Jones' returning us used to justify the special privileges for the pigs.-transfer

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Propaganda techniques transmit messages through which kinds of media?

Propaganda techniques transmit messages through a number of different media types. Some examples include news reports, government reports, books, leaflets, radio, television and movies.

What are some examples or carnivores?

Some examples of carnivores are cats, hyenas, and seals. Ofcourse there are may more in the world!

Who made propaganda during World War 2?

Her real name was Mildred Gillars, but she was nicknamed Axis Sally. She lived from 1900 to 1988. <><><> Axis Sally (above) was one of the persons used for propaganda purposes. Realistically, EVERYONE produced propaganda during WW 2. Some was to provide slanted information to the other country's soldiers, some to encourage one's own civilians, some to encourage one's own military, some to discourage other countries military. Everything from the well known poster of Rosie the Riveter to flyers for War Bonds, to the "Keep em Flying" posters could be considered propaganda. Countries that produced this included Germany, Japan, Italy, Britain, France, Canada, the US, Australia.

What were some examples of containment during world war 2?

One example was that we fought the communists to a standstill there and prevented a unified communist Korean penninsula.