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What are some examples of prehistoric tools?

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Stones, bones... anything they could find, basically animal skin to tie a spear for example together. they dug holes to make traps and put stiks over it to trap a momoth forexample.

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David E. Young has written: 'Understanding stone tools' -- subject(s): Anthropology, Prehistoric, Cognition, Prehistoric Anthropology, Prehistoric Tools, Prehistoric peoples, Stone implements, Tools, Tools, Prehistoric 'Art of the Japanese Garden'

What are some examples of business management tools?

There are many examples of business management tools. Some good examples of business management tools are smart phones, planners, and accounting software.

What prehistoric animals lived in Iowa?

Prehistoric mammals and dinosaurs have not been found in Iowa. Iowa did have prehistoric marine life though. Some examples are Crinoids and Corrals.

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What are examples of material technology?

Some examples of material technology are - Wood - Tools - Nails

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Examples of prehistoric animals in the pilippines?


How are the development stages of prehistoric Man differentiated?

Developmental stages in prehistoric human beings are generally differentiated by the types of tools they used. For example, stone tools were first used in the Stone Age.

What is the examples of file compression tools?

What is the examples of file compression tools

Some examples of scavengers?

Vultures, hyenas, leopards, tyrannosaurs(prehistoric times), cheetahs, sometimes even lions!

Who was the scientist at 13 who discovered prehistoric stone tools?

Louis Leakey

What are some examples of simple tools scientist use in experiments?


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What are some good examples of online technology?

Some good examples of internet technologies include; video and pod casting, presentation tools, blogs, social networking, virtual worlds and brainstorming tools.

What is hand tools and power tools?

Hand tools are "handheld" tools (wrenchs, screwdrivers, pliers, ect.). Power Tools are tools that use electricity to power them(cordless tools). If you visit you can see some examples.

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D. L. N. Sastry has written: 'The pre historic cultures of the Manjra valley, Medak District, Andhra Pradesh' -- subject(s): Antiquities, Paleolithic period, Prehistoric Tools, Tools, Prehistoric 'Studies in prehistoric cultures of Andhra Pradesh' -- subject(s): Prehistoric peoples, Antiquities

What are three achievements made by prehistoric humans?

Speech use of fire and tools

What tools did gatherers use in the prehistoric times?

a spoon and a fork :) ;) :0 :D

What are some examples of simple tools in farming?

A spade, a hoe, a rake, a shovel.

What are some examples of the application of science in designing and making tools?

blue prints

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Some examples of software development tools are: DSTREAM, Realview Development Suite, Realview Developer Kits, ARM DS-5, Application Binary Interface, and CUDA. There are as many different software development tools as there are software companies.

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Some examples of driving tools include GPS receivers and maps. Their uses include aiding in navigation, determining one's position, and the time to destination.

What are prehistoric grassland plants?

what are some prehistoric plants from the grassland

Are bears prehistoric animals?

yes, some bears are prehistoric.

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