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What are some examples of weaknesses?

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It depends on what area or aspect of life you have in mind. You might be referring to human behaviour in general or something more specific. Please feel free to ask the question again and include more detail.

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Examples of professional weakness?

Some examples of professional weaknesses could include any type of unprofessional behavior. Profanity in the workplace, procrastination, and weak communications skills could be viewed as weaknesses.

What are examples of personal weaknesses?

When asked about examples of personal weaknesses it is important to point to things that make you sound like a hard worker. Stating that you are a perfection or work thoroughly are weaknesses that could be beneficial.

What are examples of character strengths and weaknesses?

Being dishonest

What are some of the weaknesses of a motte?

fire and rot was there main weaknesses

4 Why are you interested in a position with the Higher Colleges of Technology?

Give some examples why this is the right college for you. Do not bring up your weaknesses as this is your place to shine.

What are the weaknesses of customer's viewpoint in DHL?

There are some weaknesses but these are being addressed

What are some strengths and weaknesses from the book a child called it?

what is a child called it his weaknesses

How do you wxplain your strengths and weaknesses in writing?

You first write some of you strengths, you then write out your weaknesses, and then you counteract those weaknesses with your greatest strengths.

What are some of Rome's external weaknesses?

some of Romes external weaknesses are invasions and conquests hope this helped you on your homework lol :P

What are common employee weaknesses?

Employee weaknesses include dishonesty and not being reliable. Employees who are not friendly with customers and who do not smile are also weaknesses that some people have.

What were the strengths and weaknesses of Mercantilism?

weaknesses power efficiency who gains? rational choice theory rent-seeking behavior examples failure in Latin America; India; japan in 1990

What are some of Minerva's strengths?

Minerva also know as Athena had many strengths and weaknesses. Some Strengths were defender, peacemaker, and some weaknesses were she was out of touch with emotions

What are some examples of shortcomings?

A shortcoming is usually a description of the weaknesses within a person's personality or character. Examples: Lack of patience Over confidence Lying Gossiping Avoiding responsibility Always being late Easy to anger Lack of empathy

Strength and weaknesses of group Decision making?

discuss some strengths and weaknesses of group decision-making

What are some of Odysseus's weaknesses?

pride couriosity some others

What are some ancient Egyptian weaknesses?


What are some weaknesses of president Hayes?

What are some of Bill Gates weaknesses?

His eyesight

What are some weaknesses of iron?

It rusted away.

What are some weaknesses of theocratic government?


What are Examples of self-testing activities?

Some examples of self-testing activities include taking a test to gauge your strengths and weaknesses. You also try running to see how far you can go in a given time and by so doing you would be testing yourself.

What are some weaknesses of the union?

Some weaknesses in the union were leadership, structure, and infrastructure. When the colonies gained their independence, the issue of how to begin a new country proved difficult to answer.

What are some weaknesses of NASCAR?

Nascar overspends and some areas have no racing.

What are examples of team weaknesses?

Any sense of individual: Well if I was their, I made the goal, I and me shouldn't be within the vocabulary of a "team".

What should you write for strengths and weaknesses for a cashier?

There are many things that you could write when you are describing strengths for a cashier. Some examples would be, good with numbers, pleasant, fast worker, good communication skills, and the ability to work independently. Weaknesses would could be the inability to stand for long periods of time.