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What are some good Nintendo ds games?


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September 13, 2011 7:16PM
  1. harvest moon ds
  2. Mario kart
  3. nintendogs
  4. new super Mario bros
  5. thrillville off the rails
  6. diddy kong racing
  7. Pokemon platinum/diamond/pearl
  8. drawn to life SpongeBob squarepants edition

You would want to look at: -Mario Kart DS -Animal Planet -Guitar Hero -Nintendogs (for the light at heart) -Mario Party Games -Any Zelda game.

You could also look at : -Big Brain academy (great Brain improuvement game) -Mario and Luigi - Partners in Time (awesome RPG-ish game) -Metroid Prime hunters (Shooter!) -Pokemon mystery dungeon (Another RPG) -Rhythm Heaven (a game.. to go to the beat? sounds weird.. but its fun :D!) -Luminous Arc (another RPG!) -Mario Party DS -The World End With You (BEST RPG EVER (to me anyway)) -Pheonix Wright -Sonic Rush