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Germany Sturmpanzerwagen A7V (20) K-Wagen (5 late war prototypes were never completed and were later destroyed by Allied Disarmament Commission) France Schneider CA1 (~400) St. Chamond (~400) Renault FT-17 (3800+) United Kingdom Mark I Mark II Mark III Mark IV Mark V Whippet

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Q: What are some names of tanks used in World War 1?
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How were the tanks used in World War 1?

the tanks were used in world war one as tracked aromerd fighting vechile

How useful were tanks during World War I?

Tanks in World War 1 wasn't useful at all because, it was only recent when Tanks were used, Tanks were developed in 1908, 6 years before World War 2 and people were not used of driving them. Also, tanks in World War 2 was 10000% more useful because Tanks in World War 2 had more of an range of styles and the ratio of Power:Weight is more balanced than World War 1 tanks. Don't forget, in fact some World War 1 tanks fell apart or collapsed because of the unbalanced power:weight ratio.

Did ww1 and World War 2 have tanks?

Yes, both world wars used tanks.

What materials were used on tanks in world war 2?

Most tanks were mainly made of steel meta. which also included some rubber and some fabrics but not much.

Did world war 1 have tanks?

Yes, world war 1 had tanks. World War 1 was the introduction of battle-ready tanks used in war.

What were some of the new technologies used during World War 1 explain the reason for them?

Notable ones were tanks and chemical warfare. 'Tanks' were named for that which they were disguised as - water tanks. Chemicals used in the First World War were gases that blinded, blistered, and killed (mustard and chlorine gases).

How was the tanks used in world war 2?

In World War 2, tanks were mainly used in the European theatre. In the European theatre, the Allies used tanks mainly for attacking and reinforcing infantry, whereas, with the clever Germans, they used Tanks as single divisions, offence and defence (defending the area they conquered during World War 2. along with this the Germans used tanks to weaken the Allied defences very quickly.

Which war were tanks first used?

Tanks were used in World War 1 and the Allied tanks were better equipped than the germans' although the germans' were bigger and i think they were faster the Allied tanks were superior to their enemies' WW1 was when tanks were used in large scale for the first time but i think they were invented some time before the war but not long before. hope that helps!!! :-)

How many World War 2 tanks were there?

Over 100,000 tanks were used in WW2.

What are helium tanks used for?

Helium tanks are very useful and are used in many ways. Helium tanks are used to fill diving tanks with some helium so as to dilute the oxygen in the diving tank.

Why tanks were used in world war 1?

Tanks were used to let the infantry troops take cover behind them as there was no cover in no mans land. Tanks were really only used by the French and British. The Americans did have tanks to and Germans used tanks somtimes but stuck with making chemical warfare.

What were some new weapons used in World War 1?

poison gas machine guns and tanks

How many tanks did the US use in World War 2?

The Americans used 183,396 tanks, nearly half of this was Sherman tanks.

When were tanks used in World War I?

i dont know when were tanks used in world war 1 The first tanks were used in 1915, and continued to be used off-and-on until the end of the war. It was a new kind of warfare with many technical and tactical problems which were not reolved before the war ended. World War 1 was the first war in which tanks were used, but they did almost nothing to affect the outcome of the war.

How many Canadian Tanks were used during World War 2?

Canada only had 4,601 tanks in World War 2.

How tanks were used in world war 1?

Less than 1,000 tanks were used in WW1. Used as cover for advancing troups to get to the enemy trenchs

What amphibious tanks were used in World War 1?

There were no amphibious tanks used in WW1. Tanks were only used in the late World War, and they were not technically advanced enough to be amphibious. For "the late" substitute "the latter part of", and add "1" after "War".

When did tanks and guns start being used in World War II?

The were used from the very beginning. The tanks overran Poland in days.

World War 1 tanks how was it first used?

Tanks were just used as back ups. Not like todays tanks that are used in the front to push through the lines. Tanks had many flaws still since they were just introduced by Britain in the war.

What was some technology used during world war 1?

Mostly early tanks, jeeps, artillery guns.

Were tanks used in World War 1?


Who started using tanks first?

The British Army first used tanks in World War 1.

How many allied tanks were used during World War 2?

Well over 100,000. The US had 88,000 Sherman tanks. But if you add all the other tanks from allies (esp. Russia's tanks) you are talking about over 100,000 tanks were used by the allies in the war.

Why were tanks named tanks?

In World War I, tanks were first used. The were top secret but very large. To get the tanks to the battle field unnoticed, they were put into crates labeled "water tanks". They were nicknamed "Water Tanks" but the name was shortened over time to "Tanks".

In which war were tanks first used?

It was World War 1.