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What are some unusual human rights?

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The point of Human Rights is that they are not specific in such a way as you could say "this is unusual". For example, freedom of expression is not in itself unusual, but expressing yourself through the medium of faecal art is. Although the freedom to daub poo on canvas is a human right it is not specifically codified: "Freedom of expression Article IV: Any person may freely create artworks using their own or anyone else's bumfudge."

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Human rights of human person?

some answer of human rights pakistan

What is a sentence for human rights?

Everybody has human rights.Do you know your human rights?The human rights campaigners blocked the roads.

What are some human rights in the Philippines?

Freedom of the press, freedom of expression, and freedom to travel are some human rights in the Philippines.

Why might some countries ignore human rights?

because some leaders are scared when the people have power (human rights)

What are some good topics for Oratory?

Human Rights or Civil Rights.

What are some unusual habits of human?

Anywhere apart from; Houses... caravns... tents.

What countries do not have human rights?

These are some of the countries which don't have human rights: North Korea Burma Iran Syria China

What are the types of human rights?

Examples of some rights include:the rights to educationto a livelihoodto legal equality

When a question in social studies is asked like this how were the human rights of abused how do you answer it?

You got to re-word the question from " How were the human rights of abused" to How people people's Human right's abused." This question is asking how were peoples human rights abused. The answer is that In some countries and during some time periods e.g. 1930s , were Jews were stripped from all of their rights and they were brutally abused. Simple answer is that: Peoples Human rights were abused by taking away their Human rights and everything they own.

How many human rights does a human have?

There are 30 human rights according to the Universal Declaration of Human rights.

Who made human rights?

Eleanor Roosavelt made human rights the human delclortratiojn of human rights

What is are the human rights written on?

the human rights are written on the universal decloration of human rights

What are some well-known organizations in the world that deal with human rights?

Amnesty InternationalDoctors Without BordersUnicefHuman Rights WatchAnti-SlaveryHuman Rights First

Who are some people who have defended human rights?

me my self and i

What development in foreign policy do these headlines reflect?

An acknowledgment that strong words on human rights are not always applied equally to all nations (Apex)

What are the human rights and how it is amended?

In every nation there are some laws that can described as "human rights' laws, but there is no such codified document encompassing "Human Rights" and every society, every religion, and every nationality views them differently.

How many human rights are there?

There are thirty articles when it comes to human rights. This is within The Universal Declaration of Human Rights. They are rights of every human being.

Why definitions of human rights vary?

We have different definitions of human rights because there are different human rights. The definitions of human rights are the meanings of the fundamental rights of a human in a country or organisation. GLAD I COULD HELP :)

What rights are guaranteed by international human rights law?

Obviously, human rights law has always something to do with humans rights. Anything that violates human is opposite to human rights law.

Slogans on human rights?

Protect human rights and human dignity!

How do you spell unusale?

Unusual is the correct spelling of this word.Here are some example sentences:There was an unusual glow underneath his bed.It is very unusual for him to be late on pizza night.The unusual animal which was found on the newly-discovered planet was named a "human".

Are there human rights in Churchill?

Human rights are freedoms and rights that all humans are technically entitled to- therefore, there are human rights in Churchill.

Why are some people not given human rights?

it is probally of their race or where there from.

Do you have human rights?

yes everyone has human rights

Are human rights violated?

Yes. Human rights are violated by nearly every country on the planet. Some countries like North Korea infringe or violate nearly every extant human right. Some countries like Sweden try to violate as few rights as possible, but inevitably violates some.