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Boop his nose

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Q: What are some weird yet fun ways to show affection to your boyfriend?
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What if a girl bite your boyfriend?

This is a growing thing in America and is a way to show affection. Some couples really enjoy this and ask to be bitten.

How does a dog show affection?

They show affection is many ways. Some examples include; licking your hand, nuzzling into you or giving you their paw.

When i tell him i love him and try to show him some affection but he doesn't show me any affection back What do i do now?

keep trying, but i that doesnt help talk to him.

What are some easy steps to get a boyfriend?

You have to act really weird and act dumb for them to notice you. That's how I got my boyfriend!

Your kitten is always licking you?

Some animals do that to show affection. My cat does sometimes.

What is the pet for on FarmVille?

Just so that you can show some love and affection to your animals.

Does yuruichi love ichigo?

No, but she does show some affection towards him in a parental way.

What is a specific way a couple might show affection in public?

Some ways couples can show affection in public are:hold handskisshugwalk with arms around each other

How do you know if he likes you or is just being nice?

Answer Show him some affection and see where that takes you.

Will your boyfriend think it's weird if don't shave your puic hair?

Some will, Some wont, it Depends on the person.

What are some weird things that al yankovic famous for?

Weird Al Yankovic is known for writing quirky and humorous songs. He also has a show entitled, "The Weird Al Show," which aired on CBS and was released in 2005.

How should you approach your boyfriend?

You should approach him in a loving manner showing him some but not to much affection for him if you constantly go on showing know affection for him what so ever then he will think you have lost interest in him and will most likely move on

What are some non-sexual ways to show affection?

Talking is the best way to show someone that you care. Just tell them how you feel about them.

Is there going to be a new weird Al show?

Nope. As a video of Weird Al on Youtube shows the 'bad acts' on the show led it to being cancelled. To refrain that some people actually DID the stuff Weird Al did and hurt themselves.

How do monkeys show affection to other monkeys?

Monkeys show affection to other monkeys by grooming them or even massaging them. Yes, you read that correctly, some monkeys do massage other monkeys. And they love it. They will also do this to try and make peace with another monkey.

Boyfriend is emo but im not emo is that weird?

does it matter? it does not matter. if you like him then he happy. like they said. you like some for how that parson is. ^_^.

Why some men don't show affection?

because that's just the way most men's what makes them men

Do some brothers and sister's hold hands or show some rather close affection for each other?

Most brothers and sisters do not hold hands with each other. The only close affection siblings may share is a hug or a kiss on the cheek.

What does it mean when a guy shows affection back to you?

It means that he likes you too, that he cares, guys can be confusing too..some just show affection without feeling love, or just feel nothing at all, some just take advantage of your feelings towards them.,

What if your boyfriend says he loves you but he doesn't show it?

You don't say how old your boyfriend is, so this is a generalized answer. If he'a young teenager the chances are that either he doesn't know how or is embarassed. If he's a young adult then the chances are that he doesn't want to appear too soft. If he's an adult or older man then the chances are pretty good that he's not really in love or that he's just hanging around until someone better comes along. Also, please bear in mind that some men just simply do not know how to show love. They were either not taught how to show affection or they come from broken homes and were not shown any affection by those around them. Just because he doesn't show it does not mean he doesn't love you.

A girl called me adorable what does that mean?

Could mean she wants to show some affection for you, have feelings for you or just a nice little compliment.

What do you do if you like a girl and you think she likes you but she has a boyfriend?

You will know if she\he acts weird around you and avoids you more than anyone else.And let her\him know the real you not some fake image you might give off.You should show him\her the real you and not some fake image of youIf you like her tell her\him how you feel

How can you make your boyfriend crazy about you again after being away for three weeks?

Well there's a few ways. The sexual way. The personality way. And the extreme relationship way. Well we'll start with the sexual way. If your thinking a slutty "I'm back" then show alot of skin. Lots of cleavage and legs. If your going the personality way, show affection by taking him to the park and just hanging out and doing what he wants to do. And the romantic way, some ways to show your affection and get him crazy is write him a song or poem. Then spend alot of time with him. Ask him questions about him. Hope these help.

Is your boyfriend still smoking pot?

Does he still smell like it? Does he show any signs of it? Do some research on the effects of marijuana and compare them to your boyfriend.

When a guy only wants to kiss you when nobody is looking does that mean that he doesn't like you?

That's not enough information to be sure ... he may have some weird shyness going on. But it does indicate that any affection he does have is rather limited.